Colm O'Murhu Colm O'Murchu- Film History

Director, Producer & Writer, DOP, Editor

  • 2017 Tabernacle 101 - 90 minute Movie   Currently in Post Production - Release November 2017
  • 2015 Producer Writer Director "Absolute Freedom", 110 minute motion picture,  shooting on Location in Australia and USA 2017
  • 2014 DOP Fractured Light
  • 2012 DOP Repressed
  • 2011 - Director, Dealing with Destiny feature film  (Trailer below, available on ITunes)
  • 2010 - Producer, Director, Editor, DOP, Writer, THE MAKEOVER feature film 
  • 2009- DOP, Editor, Another Day Another Dollar
  • 2006 - Director, DOP, Editor, Central Station Records Records DVD 60 mins available in all major record stores
  • 2006 Common Ancestor Short Film 15 minutes DOP
  • 2006 KLM TV  DOP
  • 2006 In and Out Short Film DOP Editor
  • 2005 Andorra Music Clip Screened Foxtel Music Chanels SBS Director DOP Editor
  • 2005 Documentaries for Ethnic Business Awards 90 Minutes Screened SBS November 2005
  • 2005 Hidden Ciriculem Short Film DOP Edito
  • 2005 Duality Short Film 15 Minutes Director DOP Editor Writer
  • 2005 The Beach House Feature Film DOP Sydney Shoot
  • 2005 The Negotiation Short Film DOP
  • 2005 Ducking for Cover Short Film DOP Editor
  • 2004 Three The Hard Way Feature Film Starring Sam Worthington and Steve Bestoni DVD Behind the Scenes
  • 2002 - The Elixir 82 mins, Super 16mm, Producer, Writer & Director. Screenings: Cairns Film Festival (Work in Progress) 2002, Byron Bay Festival Work in progress 2001, Two awards at the Down Under Film Festival Best Director and Best Editor.The Elixir won Best Director and Best Editor awards at the Down Under Film Festival. Sales Agent for the film is Film Works in Australia New Zealand and American Film Partners in LA.
  • 1999 - Celebrity Suicide 5mins, DV, Producer, Writer & Director.
  • 1998 - Xenophobia 7mins, 16mm, Producer, Writer & Director. Screenings: Comedy Channel.

    Final Day of Shooting on The Makeover

  • 1996 - Metamorphis 20mins, 16mm, Producer, Director, & Writer. Awards: Best Editor, Sydney New Film Festival, Best Special Effects, Sydney New Film Festival.
  • 1994 - Best Friends 13mins, 16mm, Producer, Director & Writer.

Related Film Experience

  • 2012 - 1997 -  (15 years) The Film Making and Directing Course. Colm is the  founder and  Head Film Instructor of the 4 Month Film School and Australian Film Base teaching emerging film makers how to make films. Colm has been involved with 171 student film productions.
  •  1997 - 2000 Freelance Writer, IF Magazine.
  • 1986 - 1985 - Freelance Photojournalist, Cambodia.


Films made by Colm O'Murchu

Absolute Freedom Producer Writer Director -  Shooting 2014 August September 2014        Budget $2,000,000 For Details please go to the following link Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________

Here are three of many films that I have made over the years.

The first two are trailers for two feature films that I have directed and the final film is an entire  film that I was the cinematographer on. The Makeover Trailer-  100 minutes Feature Film -  Shot on a micro budget of $20000  The Makeover is a 100 minute feature film staring Lara Cox and Martin Dingle-Wall.   The Makeover won Best Comedy Drama at the New York Downtown Film Festival. The film was also sold to Pay TV in Europe and on Pay Per view everywhere in the USA. The Makeover has come a viral success on the internet. I produced wrote and directed and edited this film. I even acted in one scene. Currently the film is at close to 1,000,000 streams on You Tube. You can buy a higher quality version on this site for $5- Click Here Released on DVD with Blockbuster  everywhere in Australia and New Zealand and on Quickflix  April 2011.
Dealing with Destiny: Feature Film 90 minutes Starring Luke Arnold  This is a $1 million  feature film made in Australia. I was hired as the Film Director. The film is about the final day of four university students who go on a final day muck up that ends in total mayhem. The film stars Luke Arnold who is currently playing Michael Hutchinson of INXS fame in the TV series "Never tear us apart" Repressed Short Film : 12 minutes ( whole film ) I was the DOP on this film and I shot this amazing film on a micro budget of $2000. I ony had a crew of three and some how managed to shoot in the rainforest on tracks and using a considerable amount of Hand Held and Steadicam. __________________________________________________________________________________