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Financing your film: Every film needs finance of some form. Even the most basic short film needs finance. Finance pays for the Cast Crew Equipment postproduction music creature comforts and locations. Films cost money. However you can be very clever with how you make your film happen. I personally have made three many films where three months out from shooting we had no money and ended up with about $50,000 Cash Budget and about $500,000 of Contributios on the first shooting day. Where there is a will there is a way and when you set a deadline, everything will fall in your way to make the film happen. The Prime Directive of Micro Budget Film Production: The Principal of Micro Budget works on the fact that • every contribution • every free location • every crew member who works as a co- owner and share holder • every actor who works for a percentage • equipment that you can get at a reduced price is Finance for your Film. This is your Non Cash Budget and should be 80% or more of a total budget for your micro film budget It is difficult to get everything donated, if you are making a professional standard Film. Minimum professional Standards imply that you look after Crew and Cast and feed them and treat them well. This costs money. Sometimes a location will cost money. Sometimes you have to pay for Equipment hire Editors and Sound Mixes.Here is a great rule of thumb and only a guide. Everysituation is different. Budget Categories: Home Video $ 0 - $100 Amateur short film $ 1,000 Professional Short Film $2,000 – 5,000 Micro Budget Feature Film $ 50,000 - $100K Low Budget Feature Film $200K-$1millionK Low budget Feature with a B Star $1 millK - $4millK Mid Range Feature $4 mill - $10millK High Range $10 million plus, Studio Big Budget $50 – 200 million If you are starting out, think about jumping to Professional Short Film level. It is ultimately more fun and what our film courses are all about. I guarantee film students of mine will become more compeditive than 98% of those trying to make their first few films. This means Film festival exposure work and faster rise to your film goals. There are six different methods for raising finance and our Online Film School and our Weekend Film Schools will show you how to raise your finance. One of the methods is my new favourite. By taking our Online Film School or Weekend Film School you will be able to use a combination of the finance methods to make your budget. The Online Film School or/and the Weekend Film Schools  will be worth literally thousands of dollars in finance for you. Best till next week Colm O'Murchu

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