TAbernacle 101 - Supernatural Thriller - 95 Minute

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FACT SHEET:  Currently in Production - Screening everywhere November 2016

  • Production Company: Sydney & International Film Base12227237_10154265164891102_407514696138285928_n
  • The Film is now in production and is being shot during the period November 2015 - May 2016.
  • It will entail one 4-5 Day Shoot Weekend per month totalling 30 Days over six months
  • Film Post Completed September 2016
  • The Film Budget will be Micro $80K but the Production Value will be of a $4 Million Movie
  • The Actors and Crew will have a First Dollar Return Share. That means from First Dollar every major regular crew member and lead or supporting lead will have a share of returns.
  • Major opportunity for Cast & Crew to advance their career to the next level
  • Film will be shot on 4K Red Camera and Black Magic Camera and with movie equipment.
  • Our Audience Goal: 500 million people around the world to watch the film.


Films made by Colm O'Murchu Director / Writer/Producer of TAbernacle 101


The Makeover - 100 minutes Feature Film Movie

Shot on 7 weekends for $40K over 7 months - Watch Trailer:


  • The actual full film has been watched 2,249,123 times online and averages about 4000 views per day every day: 12219575_10154265164651102_4019374239937381645_n
  • The Makeover is a 100 minute feature film staring Lara Cox and Martin Dingle-Wall.
  • Colm O'Murchu produced wrote and directed and edited this film. He even acted in one scene.
  • The Makeover won Best Comedy Drama at the New York Film Festival.
  • The film was also sold to Pay TV in Europe and on Pay Per view everywhere in the USA.
  • Released on DVD with Blockbuster everywhere in Australia and New Zealand and on Quickflix (Australian Netflix) April 2011.


Dealing with Destiny: Feature Film Movie 90 minutes:

Film Director: Colm O'Murchu: Starring Luke Arnold (INXS)



  • Colm O'Murchu was hired as the Film Director by the Production Company who financed the film.imgres
  • The film is about the final day of four university students who go on a final day muck up that ends in total mayhem.
  • The film stars Luke Arnold who is currently playing Michael Hutchinson of INXS fame in the TV series "Never tear us apart"
  • Film Budget $1,000,000