How long should one take to produce a Film? 

This question is somewhat akin to asking, “How long is a piece of string.”

However, it really is important to have time structures to work your film production around. A predicted time schedule helps the Film Maker make the film happen.

When you are starting out in the film making game, it is very important to go through the process with someone experienced. Here lies the challenge, as most experienced Film Directors are way too busy to help emerging Film Directors make films.

You could search out work on other people’s films and see what happens on set. But this can be an obstacle too because most established Film Producers want someone with some experience.

You can volunteer for no budget films that you hear about. But once again they will want someone to have been to Film School or worked on at least a couple of short films before. Even if you were lucky to get a job on a voluntary film or any film for that matter,  you still only see a fraction of what happens in the production of a film.

You miss totally the edit the casting the sound mix and the music scoring.

So the number one best way to learn how to make films is to do one of our courses and the reason for this is that you see how a film is made from script development stage to final Sound Post. You also work with a very experienced Film Director. All our Film Instructors are experienced Film Makers.

When you enrol, you are involved with the casting, the rehearsals, the wardrobe, the shoot, the edit, the music and the sound post. When you have been through the process once, it is far easier to go out there and shoot your film the second time.

When you are producing any film, there are ten areas you have to get right. To name them, Casting, Crew, Locations, Film Equipment, Post production, Set Design, Office and Shoot Organization, Catering, Marketing and Publicity.

Learn in detail about how to produce and direct a film on our courses.

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