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  • Learn how to Make a Super Low Budget Feature Film by actually learning from Colm O’Murchu on his new Feature Film. 
  • Essential to be a graduate or in the process of doing the 4 Month Filmmaking Course 
  • Interview essential   Apply Here 
  • Colm’s Previous Feature Films   Details Here
  • Course Session, Selected Monday 6.30pm – 8pm 
  • Friday Production Meetings in City  6pm – 8pm before Shoots. 
  • 4 Four Day Shoots –> February, April, June , August – 16 Days Total. 
  • Witness key Moments in Post Production. 
  • The Essential Attitude for Making Your own Feature Film – What do you need to do to succeed?  
  • Witness how Colm gets his film into Film Festivals 
  • Film Festivals.  How to get your film killing it in Film Festivals
  • Learn how the Film Market Works and See how Colm gets his film out to the World and Seen. 
  • Course Session:  How to get your Film Distributed
Part Two   – Make a Film  
  • Direct and Produce Your own 10 minute Film. The Course will guarantee this result via Support.  
  • Competition. Best Film and Best Director Awards. 
  • Utilising International Film Base’s Film Equipment along with Scott Jacobs as Technical Assistant and Advisor on your Shoot 
  • Shoot for 4 Days on Location near where you live
  • Deadlines for Shoots  Strictly adhered to once signed off. 
  • Deadline for Casting Strictly adhered to once signed off. 
  • Write your own screenplay under strict deadlines and Greg Woodland Directives. 
  • You will make and direct your own film. 
  • Produce and prepare your shoot with our system learnt on Colm O’Murchu’s Shoot. 
  • Edit & Colour on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Source the best music & sound design your film
  • Shoot your film over 3- 4 Days.  
  • Save Thousands of Dollars $, on your Film Production, via enrolling on this Course.  
  • Learn how in the future you can make your own Feature Film on the Weekends and get it seen around the world. 
  •  For Interview Click Here and Fill in the form 

Premiere of One of our Many Films 'Dealing With Destiny'

Colm O'Murchu Feature Film Trailers

Dealing With Destiny Trailer - Feature Film - 90 minutes

The Makeover - Feature Film - 90 minutes

Former Graduates Course Films

Voices - Award Winning Short film 10 Minutes Festival Winner

Anatomy of a Relationship - Short Film 11 Minutes

The Film Instructors - Taught by Filmmakers for Future Film Directors and Producers

Colm O'Murchu

Colm founded International Film Base in 1997 and has since taught emerging filmmakers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films made. His new film Tabernacle 101 has just been released theatrically in the USA and ia available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV. With a wealth of film teaching and film making experience Colm O’Murchu is one of the very best film instructors. Main Focus: Casting & Directing

Greg Woodland

Greg Woodland is a seasoned Filmmaker. He is one of the most in demand screenwriting teachers. As writer/director Greg’s films and documentaries have screened nationally and internationally at over 60 film festivals & many TV channels. Greg has lectured in Scriptwriting at Macquarie University, UTS, NIDA, and AFTRS. His script editing credits include feature films ‘Moon Rock for Monday’, ‘Don’t Tell’, ‘Needle’, ‘Cold Turkey’, ‘The Bet’, ‘Broken’ Teaches Screenwriting and Producing

John Hresc Sound Post

John has worked in the film, television and music industry for the last 25 years,and is a member of the Australian Screen Sound Guild. He worked for Channel 9 for ten years sound posting many of the TV shows and promos you see on TV.  During his work in Television he also collaborated with a number of short and feature filmmakers, as a sound and dialogue editor, sound designer, sound supervisor and sound mixer. This has culminated in over 20 national and international award winning short and feature films to date. Main Focus Sound Postproduction


COURSE OBJECTIVE: To Learn from Colm O’Murchu how to Make a super low budget Feature Film and Get The Film Seen Around the World via Film Festivals and Film Platforms. Colm O'Murchu will actually write direct and produce and edit the film and show you how to do it with relatively no money. The Second Objective is to Make Your Own 10 Minute Short Film with Support via Equipment and technical Support and a Course Sessions that enforce deadlines

Section One - Set your plan for Your film production & Write Your Screenplay -

You will learn how to plan your Production. What do you need to make the Production  Happen Now. You will commit to and Set Deadlines for each Part of your Production and learn exactly what you will need REMEMBER: YOU WILL BE MAKING YOUR OWN PERSONAL FILM THIS TIME: 

You will Brainstorm Your Film Story with Greg Woodland and actually get to make your treatment/ script for your story  by actually doing so on the Course Session.

You will have an itemised Story Breakdown and you learn to format a screenplay with the correct software. You will write a 10 minute screenplay for your short film or a treatment for your feature film. 

SECTION TWO - Casting and Colm OMurchu's Film

You will get the full rundown on Colm O’Murchu’s feature film and his casting and preparation for his film. 

He is going  to set a Shoot Budget of $5K. This Casting will be far more detailed and there will be rounds as he picks the winning cast. 

You will learn how to book your castings and set it up and actually prepare your own casting 

Use all Our Film Equipment and Scott Jacobs as your personal DOP. Fellow heavily qualified co course participants will fill in on Crew roles. It will be a small tight effective crew. 

The Advanced Course will guarantee your own Personal Film.


Take  3 – 4  Days to Shoot your own Personal Film. Make the Film Great and also learn how to Make your Film Quality and a Winner 

Section 4 Postproduction Career

Learn to edit your film on Adobe Premiere Pro and Colour on DaVinci. You actually edit the film and source music, colour grade , title the film film 

We currently have a video tutorial series of 11 tutorials,. Scott Jacobs will support you on your journey editing.
Reminder The Editing is the most important part and you must spend time making your film great.
One must use these tutorials with Scott Jacobs support  and the footage you have shot  for the film. This way you will edit the entire short film. We will  give you six weeks to edit your film 

The combination of the above three with the  deadline will ensure the completion of your own personal Film.


SECTION 5 Business of Filmmaking

Learn the business of Filmmaking   Learn How to Get your Film into Film Festivals 

Learn how you find a film distributor and how film markets work. Why it is so much fun and incredibly powerful  to go the American Film Market. 

  • Get your film into Film Festival
  • Aim and get your film seen by One Million people or more around the world
  • Set your  Ideal Film Career Plan. 

Tabernacle 101 - Trailer for Colm O'Murchu New Feature Film

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