Absolute Freedom Feature Film:  $2.5 Million Budget

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Location Outback

 Absolute Freedom – The Storyline


“In Los Angeles, Nathan hit rock bottom, in the Australian Outback he was born again as an Outlaw”.

1-Sentence Synopsis: Los Angeles Christian Zealot Nathan Koch loses his wife and his life and his faith in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Faking his own death, he re-creates himself as an outlaw in the Australian Outback.


Right Wing Los Angeles Christian Preacher, Nathan Koch, loses all his wealth, his house and hisOutback Location wife in the Global Finance Meltdown of 2008.

After faking his death and changing his ID, Nathan, now called Christian Taylor, moves from Los Angeles to Australia with a new agenda. Angry with his former church, he recreates a totally new life. He decides to live a hedonistic lifestyle and live for the moment.

He meets a young zany hitchhiker, Tara Wheatley, in the Australian Outback and is totally changed from a stiff Conservative to a hippy-like existence. Inspired by Tara, he transforms himself into a totally reckless outlaw of the Australian Outback. After robbing a bank with a haul worth millions, Tara and Christian are chased by police and an aggrieved criminal gang, hell bent on revenge.

In a truly unexpected climax the film explodes into full collision of the truth.

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The Story Inspiration – Note: Colm O’Murchu


I have always loved the theme of starting a new life. This is a universal theme that every human can relate to.

Every time I am in the USA, I notice so many Americans would love to escape to the Australian Outback. I believe that this is the reason that Crocodile Dundee did so well back in 1986.

I feel that this desire to start out again is somewhat stronger in the USA due to the GFC of 2008 and the challenging economic conditions.

I also explore the theme of hidden identity with ever character hiding their real name and who they are.

Absolute Freedom is a gripping story with so many twists and turns.  One thing is for certain, the audience will never be able to predict where the story will go. With the Australian Outback as the vista, its beauty will permeate the story.

Production: Total Budget of production: $2.5 Million


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