Cannes Film Festival and Market

It has been a busy time over the last two weeks. Many events have happened in that time.

  • We have completed The Sound Mix and the Colour Grade on “A Day in the Life”.
  • We have signed with a New LA Based Film Distributor for “The Makeover”
  • We are off to Cannes, the epicenter of the Film World, in the South of France in May to sell sell sell.
  • On top of all of that “The Makeover” has now been selected into The Cannes Independent Film Festival in Cannes, the epicenter of the Film World
  • This will be our World Premiere Film Festival Screening.
  • The “Day in the Life” will have its Market Premiere in the Palais at the Cannes Marche  which happens at the same time as the Film Festival

Cannes is the number one Film Event in the world. It starts on the 12th May and finishes on  the 22nd May.One has to have the Market Badge and that costs $500. This entitles you to go to all the screenings and all the events. This is my first Cannes visit.  However, I will have two feature films to my name screening at the event. Now that is something to look forward to.

What I have been told is that the day starts with business meetings at the Cannes Market. Some Sales Agents like the Producer to be present at the meetings and some Sales Agents hate the producer being there. In my case, my sales agent wants me to be around. There are seminars screenings and meetings all day long.

Then one moves to the cocktail drinks and networking and then on to the various parties that happen around the town. Hopefully one can fit in a few hours of sleep before the day starts all over again. Also I will get a chance to attend the French Tennis Open for the first time at Roland Garros in Paris.

I will find some time to write a blog from Cannes and let you know first hand about my personal experience.  If you would like to get into the Film World, please attend my two day Film School happening in Melbourne and Sydney. I will tell you everything I know about making low budget feature films and getting them out into the world. The Makeover was made with no budget and cash flowed  with about  $70K  over two years. This is virtually nothing for a 90 minute feature film. During that time I was hired to shoot A Day in the Life on a relatively good budget of $700K

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