Cannes Film Festival Starts May 8th. The biggest film festival in the world

I am off to the Cannes Film Festival on May 8th.

Most of you will have heard of Cannes Film Festival in the south of France.It is the biggest Film Festival in the World attracting celebrities and the hottest filmmaking talent on the planet.

The main reason for my visit is to get the best possible deal for my new movie Tabernacle 101. Right now We are at the pointed end of the final stages of Postproduction.

Since February 1st we have spent the last three months or 13 weeks in Sound Post Production. This week we are completing our Final Sound Mix with all of the music and sound design and dialogue.

Next week we shall complete VFX and Colour Grading and the film will be complete just in time to screen at the Cannes Marche.  A filmmaker will always test their film with audiences. An audience can tell you what is working and what might not be working.

As a result, there will still be some tweaks and polishing meaning that the film will be ready for distribution in June.

Cannes Marche is the biggest film market in the world. It is where the sellers and the buyers meet.

Buyers (Film Distributors) asses the value of the film and make an offer for the rights for the film in their territory. The seller (Film Sales Agent) do their best to sell every territory for the Producer/Director (that’s me)

It is a great 11 days in the French Riviera and I will write about my experiences at the Cannes Film Market. I have been once before in 2010 and it was an exceptional beneficial trip.

The main purpose at any film market is to monetise your new film, get the best deal with the maximum ROI.  Also, one is looking for the biggest audience for the film and the best exposure in the world market.

It starts with a film market and there is no better film market than Cannes.

If you are interested in starting your own journey to making a movie and learning the process of production, please have a look at our Three Month Film Course starting soon.

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