Colm O’Murchu’s Top Ten Films of 2010

My Top 10 Films of 2010:

Today is December 29th and it is now time to list my Top 10 Films of the year. I love going to the cinema where I believe one gets the true cinematic experience. I avoid watching films at home unless I have missed them in the cinema. I make films for a living and I still love to see films as it helps me appreciate what an amazing job that film makers and actors do. They create entertainment and stories for the world.

Top Film lists are always to an extent subjective and there are possibly films on my list that may not resonate with you. However most of my top 10 films have been on the top list of nearly all the top critics.

Firstly here is an interesting piece of trivia. The most disappointing film of 2010 in my opinion was EAT PRAY LOVE with Julia Roberts. It promised so much and delivered so little. The performance by Julia Roberts was insipid and lacked energy. The Indian scenes looked more like the back lot of a Studio than India. It was a struggle to keep awake at this film and it left you with an empty feeling.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK was one of the best films of 2010 as I will comment on later in my Post

Lets look at the Australian Box Office as they were both released in October here in Australia.
EAT PREY LOVE                 $ 10,782,747
THE SOCIAL NETWORK   $ 4,129,428

How could that be?

The Star makes the difference. Julia Roberts persuaded the Public to see this bit of dribble.

The Social Network was an exceptionally better film but its biggest start was Justin Timberlake who is better known for singing than acting.  Therefore less than half the amount of people saw one of the very best films of the year.

The Film Sales Agents always want a NAME in any film that they are selling around the world as they know this makes for an easy sale. The consumer decides on the basis of Who is in it? As in the example of Eat Prey Love, the consumer thinking process goes like this “Julia Roberts….. It must be good”

Star Power still rules at the Box Office.

Back to the main purpose of this article. My Top 10 Films of 2010.

Number 10 Wall Street Money never Sleeps. 7.5 out of 10
Director, Oliver Stone shows his amazing film making craft in this sequel to the Oscar 80s hit “Wall Street.”While most of the story is engaging, the major problem is some weak story moments that pull you out of this film.  80% of the Film is great and then… a clanger scene.

The very weak end lets the film down as Oliver Stone attempts to make a happy end that just does not work. Still 80 % of this film is so good.  Shame that a few script flaws stopped this film from being much higher up this list. Exceptionally well shot and edited as the mise- en- scene dazzles.  From a Director POV, I love to see films like this.

Number 9 Animal Kingdom.  8 out of 10
Well done David Michod. Stellar Australian Cast and an exceptionally well crafted Australian Film. If you have not seen it, see why the world and Australia is raving about this film.

Australian Movies are back again with 2009 and 2010 showing us that the new film financing system in Australia is working.  May there be plenty more Australian Films to cheer about in 2011.

Number 8    The Special Relationship. 8 out of 10
I loved this film. This is possibly because I studied Politics at university. Seeing the inside relationship between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton was fascinating. One also gets an insight into how Tony Blair was a war hungry zealot.  The tension builds up as we are aware that the special relationship was not that harmonious and happy as we thought.

Brilliant performances, great story and exceptionally well shot.

Number 7   Love and Other Drugs  8 out of 10
WOW This film very much surprised me. I was expecting a light rom com film.
Instead this film dealt with very deep issues as  a very ill Maggie ( Anne Hathaway) attracts her opposite in shallow viagra salesman Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal).  This film definitely turns on the water works in its final act. The Love scenes are visually erotic and sizzling hot. Anne Hathaway performance is stellar

The best Chick Flick of the Year as it is meaningful and keeps you thinking about the characters for days after.  My only gripe was that the sound was very flat. This could have been the cinema that I saw the film at. That is more a Film Directors Gripe than an audience gripe.

Number 6  The Waiting City  8.5 out of 10
My personal favourite Australian film is “The Waiting City”. I could see this film a second time and really enjoy it. Its a film that deserves to be seen in the Cinema as its stunning sumptuous cinematography draws you into the story. I have been to India on a two month journey and this film made me feel like I was back in India.
I loved the change in the female lead character as she at first resists India and then flows with India. For those of you who have traveled there, you know that it is a Love Hate relationship and that it poses challenges that change you for the better You realize that India is an incredible place. This film highlights this journey for its two main characters. Absolutely brilliant and with Animal Kingdom, two Australian Films have made my Top 10 this Year.

Number 5 The Kids Are All Right  8 out of 10

This was my top surprise of the year. This heartfelt drama really hits the heart strings. The film is about the struggles of an ordinary family. However the Mum and the Dad are both women as Annette Benning and Juliana Moore star as the same sex couple who struggle with the family issues.
This was a Sundance favourite and one of mine.

Number 4 The Social Network.  9 out of 10
Most of you will have seen this film. Dialogue driven and extremely well crafted, this film takes you on the ride of becoming a billionaire. This was potentially a very boring story about a bunch of nerds fighting it out over who owns Facebook.

However the film makers including the very brilliant director  David Fincher  and West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin bring us one of the Top Films of the Year.
Be prepared to concentrate as these nerds talk fast.

Number 3 The Green Zone 9 out of 10
This is the best action film of the year and after the disappointment of The Hurt Locker, this film actually has a story. Matt Damon stars in Peter Greengrass film about the Iraq War. He plays the disillusioned America GI who can not find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

This is a realistic portrayal of how the Americans lost the heart and souls of the Iraqi people. If you have not seen this film, see it and go for the ride. Top Notch Action and Story combined.

Number 2  The Kings Speech 9.5 out of 10
I loved yes I repeat loved this film. It has Oscar nomination performances from both the leads. My bet is that Colin Firth will take out Best Actor on February 27th .

I love the story and how, we, the audience get the  eye on the wall look at the Royal Family machinations. Excellent. You have to see this Film.

Number 1  Inception  10 out of 10
Truly Brilliant and technically the very best film of 2010.
Seeing this film on the big screen is a treat I will never forget. Christopher Nolan pulls off one of the most complex films from a story point of view. How he keeps this complex story together without loosing the audience.. Well we have a genius film maker creating this film.

If you have not seen it, this is the best Studio film of the year and yes Hollywood can make intelligent films. Technically superb, this trip pulls you in. This film must be seen on the BIG SCREEN. Christopher Nolan you are the Rodger Federer of Movies.

I am so looking forward to 2011 and all the great films that I will see then. I will write about every film that I seen in the Cinema next year. I see one a week usually on the first night that it opens.  I usually pick my movies carefully so that you can only see the very best cinema.

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Wishing you an awesome 2011.

Colm O’Murchu

Director International FIlm Base

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