The Film Makers Toolbox  

I recommend and use the following tools when making and selling my films. Making Films 



Buying Equipment 
        •  B&H Video The Very best place to buy cameras and equipment. You will find the very best prices for your Camera and Sound Gear. B&H Video is a New York Superstore for Cameras and Lights and Sound Equipment. All of the Cameras and equipment that I recommend on my Online Film School are Available here.

           Training in how to use Adobe Premiere Pro is essential so that you can make your films.  is one of the best training tutorials for different Software. Adobe Premiere Pro is available at  B&H Video. also has tutorials in After Effects which will add the extra special effects to your film.



        • The Online Film School    This is mine  so of course I am biased The Online Film School shows you how to make your own professional film. I use the Online Film School  when I am in production. Everything I have learned from 22 years producing films is in the Online Film School.
        • Free E Course How to be an A List Film Director    Learn how the A list film directors such as Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino . Learn what you need to do to  make it in the film business
Promoting your Film 
        • Awebber  For my Mailing list which is now 5000 people I have used Awebber since 2008 and they
          Taking continuity notes on one of our Film Productions

          have worked beautifully for me. Very easy to use and will help you create your fan base that you can sell your future films black red background banner

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