The Main Points :

  • Top Quality Film Course with one of the World’s Best Film Instructor, Colm O’Murchu
  • You learn how to make professional films that are seen by a World Wide

    Very inexpensive Course Investment with Money Back Guarantee.
  • Course Venue:  Auckland
  • When: Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October
  • Time 9.30am – 6pm  on Saturday and Sunday
  • Organized by International Film Base.
  • Course Presenter and Instructor:  Colm O’Murchu
  • Phone  09 8873904  :  Email  business@
On one of our Film Productions "Dealing with Destiny"

If you are one of the following, 

  • A Passionate Beginner who would one day like to be a Hollywood A List  Director or Producer or Screenwriter
  • Emerging Film Maker who would like to make the jump to professional films that make money
  • Beginner who is trying to work out what they want to do in the film world and needs Direction.
  • An Actor who would like to make their very own film that they play the lead role in
  • Industry film professional Producer or Director who would like to learn about making a low budget feature film anytime and how to sell their film Online and in the Film Market.

you will love and benefit  from this weekend:Preview Changes

The reason is that we will accelerate your film progress  and a whole world of film opportunity will open up for you that would not have been there before.

Hi my name is Colm O’Murchu from International Film Base. 

In one Weekend, I will teach you how to make your own profitable professional short film.  This is the very best investment you could make in your future film career and I guarantee it with our money back promise. Spend one weekend with me and your film career will change dramatically for the better. 

Let me tell you about my films.  We have recently produced.  the micro budget and very profitable feature film The Makeover which won Best Comedy Drama at the New York City Film Festival. This film has sold to Pay TV in Europe and to American Pay TV released by the American Film Company, Breaking Glass Films.

Here is the trailer.

The above 93 minute feature film was made on less than $50,000. For a feature film that is a very small budget and what that means is that it does not take very many sales to make the film exceptionally profitable. With American Pay TV and European Pay TV, this film has become a winner.

I have now taught up and coming emerging and beginner film makers since 1997. That is 14 years of teaching experience,  instructing film makers how to break into one of the most glamourous careers. And we have had so many success stories.

Imagine making festival wining films that get seen all around the world and on top of that make you money.

Over the past 14 years, I have worked on music videos, documentaries or feature films or behind the scenes films on big feature films and I have to tell you the lifestyle is awesome.  Next month I am off to Doha in Qatar, Dublin ,London where I present the same Weekend Film School. Then I am off to  Paris and Singapore on a film work-related trip. Then I am back for the Weekend Film School in Brisbane and my film premiere for “Dealing with Destiny”  In November I am off again to Los Angeles to the American Film Market in Santa Monica.

My current feature film “Dealing with Destiny” is due for release soon in cinemas. On this film I was hired to direct and I was paid a very reasonble fee plus share of profits. The Film was made for $1 million dollars.
Here is an interview I did with Jonathan Coleman.

So how can you make a profitable short film or feature film. Attend our Weekend Film School

Learn quickly on the Weekend Film School the following:

How to Direct your Film?

One of our Film Course Film Shoots
  • How to shoot your film
  • The Shots that compose a scene
  • How a Director prepares for a shoot in preproduction
  • How a Director prepares a shot list and a Storyboard
  • How to block Actors on a Set
  • How a shoot operates  and how the Director works the set.

How to Post Produce and edit your own Film?

  • The absolute truth about what you need to do in postproduction. This is the difference between Professional and Amateur films.

    Continuity Person taking notes on one of our Film Shoots
  • We show you the most effective Post Production Path
  • Firstly, We show you the two Editing Options:
  • Option 1:  We will show you the very best quickest way to learn editing or if you choose how to hire a professional editor.
  • Option 2 Where you find professional or up and coming editors and how much
  • We have a Demo edit session using Final Cut Pro Studio and if you love it we will show you too how can  quickly learn to edit.
  • Which software for Mac or for PC. We will show you the best choice.
  • How to Sound Post your film and where. Sound Post is so important an is often overlooked meaning that the film looses the professional feel
  • Where to find Top Class Sound Post Production.

Finance and Green lighting your own Films anytime

  • The Golden Rule of Low budget film making: This rule is paramount to your success.
  • How to raise thousands of dollars on the internet for your film production. We are doing the same thing now for our next film.
Casting and Crew
  • How to easily find the best actors in your city

    Crane Shot on one of our Film Productions
  • How to run an effective Casting
  • How to crew your film with the very best crew available.
The Film Equipment 
  • What is the minimal Camera Equipment, Sound Equipment, Lights equipment, Grips Equipment you need to get your film shot
  • Where do you buy the equipment and exactly how much does it cost? This session will save you thousands of Dollars
  • On a tight budget: Where in your city , do you rent the equipment and how much is the amount. You will be surprized how little the rental is.
  • We show you what you need so you do not get bullied into taking unecesary equipment.
  • How to find Locations for Free

Film Festivals and Film Sales 
  • Start with the end in mind. Learn how the Film Market works.
  • How to enter Film Festivals with your first short film or if you are an emerging film maker how to enter the A list Film Festivals.

    Red Camera in action on one of our Film Productions
  • How to monetize your short film on the internet for profit
  • What you can start and do now to create a guaranteed fan base and audience. This strategy if implemented correctly will generate ten thousand fully subscribed followers who will buy your films within five years. In five years this strategy will be worth $50K per film released. In ten years it will be worth $ 250,000. These are conservative honest estimates. However this is just extra money and nothing to do with the money made from the film market which can be millions of dollars for a hit film.
  • The Film Market: How feature films are sold in the market. We show you how the film market works and how films are sold and how the film makers profit.
Project Set up.
  • Short film Story Development
  • Brainstorming the film idea via five exercises.

    35mm Panavison Camera on Dolly & Tracks
  • At the end of the weekend, if you follow the exercises, you will have a short film story ready to go into preproduction
  • Pitches: We show you how to pitch your film
  • Who ever wants to can now launch their Film Project
  • Networking: On Saturday and Sunday evening we have an optional social event at a nearby Hotel, where you can meet the other course participants. Allow 60 – 120 minutes for the events.
I guarantee that you will learn the above and I stand behind my promises with my 100% Money Back Guarantee. Therefore you can not loose money. You either love our Film Course or you get your money back. The only request I make, is that you attend the full weekend and all sessions. As far as I know, our film course is the only course that gives you this promise.

Yes it is a huge amount that we cover and that is why so many previous course participants have said. “It was worth every single cent”.
When you attend our weekend, you will accelerate your film career.  You will know what to do to produce and make your own professional film. Your year will change and an excitement will now permeate your ambition. I will show you how to make professional films

After the weekend, you will still have back-up with the following.
Crane Shot
  • A Free Membership Site for Course Particpants where you find  job opportunities, networking connections and film industry events: (Only open to Course Particpants who have completed one of our Film Courses.)
  • Mentorship for the very talented film students we find on our courses through their future projects by taking them on our film productions. This is via invitation and is limited in numbers
  •  Six short ten minute films which our most talented film students direct and write

What people say about the Weekend Film School .

Our feedback is exceptional  on our Weekend Film School: Some examples of Very Real Testimonials written in the feedback sheets.   
Probir Duitt

“To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much we got through. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm’s teaching makes dreams come true.” – Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films

“Colm’s passion for filmmaking is infectious, by around lunchtime, the feeling was “I can do this, doesn’t sound too hard.   The knowledge and skills gained from Colm, through his years of industry experience, certainly fast tracked my own journey into filmmaking, primarily now as a cinematographer for numerous productions, including webseries’, short films and features… including one recent short film, written & directed by Shailla Quadra (Shailla is also a beneficiary of Colm’s training), that has been selected for and will premiere at this year’s 2011 New York City International Film Festival.”

Jack Kelly:  Freelance Cinematographer 

Sydney Weekend Film School 21st & 22nd MAY 2011

“This a highly recommended Film Course for people to start a career in the Film Industry.”

Neeraj Matta

“ Wonderful to be in the room with such a passionate and skilful filmmaker and teacher. Colm’s ability to cater to a wide range of participant was exceptional” Thanks Colm

Liam Worthington

“I feel as if I can now go for and make my film successfully,…. And after that the sky is the limit”

Jeremy Hill

Perth Weekend Film School 7th & 8th of May 2011

“For the first course I have done in Films, this was excellent. The instructor (Colm) was both informative and a joy to listen to.

I love the class participation to cover subject matter.”

Jon Diamond (Director)

“Colm is not just a fantastic teacher, he is a ‘doer’  and he inspires his students to start with Action right now plus  he gives you the step by step direction and tools and networks to do so….I loved it”

Vaughn Clements (Film DOP)

“Great information, interactions and knowledge best way for networking with other people who share the same passion. Excellent information to start movie making.”

Doshi Kush

On our Film Courses, on our feedback sheets, 95% of people score our course as excellent or exceptionally good

The Film Director/Producer Lifestyle

Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival France

What I love about the Film Makers Lifestyle is the variety. You are always working on different film projects and going to interesting film festivals overseas

  • Getting paid to do what you love.
  • Working with so many different types of people
  • Travel A Film Maker travels all over the world.
  • Working on passion projects that you love heart and soul
  • Meeting fascinating interesting people all over the world
Find out how to make the Film World, your passionate lifestyle at the Weekend Film School

The Main Points Reminder:

  • Marking a Shot one of our Student Film Productions

    Top Quality Film Course with Australia’s Best Film Instructor

  • You learn in one weekend  how to make professional films that are seen by a World Wide Audience.
  • Very inexpensive  with Money Back Guarantee.
  • Course Venue:  Auckland
  • When: Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October
  • Time 9.30am – 6pm  on Saturday and Sunday
  • Organized by International Film Base
  • Course Presenter and Instructor:  Colm O’Murchu
  • Phone  09 8873904   Email  business@
  • Weekend Film School is only presented in Auckland once per year.

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