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Saturday 11th February 2012 Melbourne

Course Venue;

Trinity College
University of Melbourne,   Royal Pde Parkville            



Creating the Film Director Stars of Tomorrow:

Quentin Tarantino

This will be One Day that will change your film making life dramatically. 

Learn how to direct your film and get it seen by the world.  

Continuity Person taking notes on Australian Film Base Production 2010
        • One Day Saturday (February 11th)  Film School  with one of the worlds most renowned  Film Instructors –  Colm O’Murchu
        •  Learn how to make professional films that are seen by a World WideAudience.
        • Learn how to Direct a Film Scene on Set.  
        • Casting your film with the Best Actors in your town.
        • The Best Film Equipment to use
        • How to find Locations that enhance your film for Free.  
        • Saves you Thousands of Dollars in Production Costs
        • When: Saturday February 11th
        • Time 9am – 6pm
        • Email  business@australianlfilmbase.com
        • Phone: 1 800 131166 
        • Course Investment very inexpensive and we give you a Scriptwriting software that normally would cost $200 for FREE.
        • First Preference  Interviews for Our Four Month Film School

Welcome to Australian Film Base

Welcome Audio from the Owner, Colm O’Murchu – Australian Film Base

[audio:http://www.australianfilmbase.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Welcome-Master-V4-Use_1-2.mp3|titles=Welcome Master V4 Use_1-2]


Here is one of many examples of a Success Story from our Film School. 

Paul Condoleon  attended our one week practical film School in 2009 and within that year produced “Dealing with Destiny” an 82 minute feature film shot on the amazing Red Camera. He made his living as a GP Doctor and had never made a film before.    Here is what he said about our Film Course. “Awesome course. Straight after the course I produced my first feature film ‘Dealing with Destiny’.  The Film was released this year (2011) in Hoyts Cinema. This is all thanks to the Sydney Film Base Film Course.  You want the fast way to film success, take the weekend film school”  Paul Condoleon  Here is the Trailer for Paul Condoleon’s first film  “Dealing with Destiny” made straight after the course


What you learn in one day on Saturday 11th February:  

9.00 am – 9.40am  Finance: Five Ways to Finance your Film:  

Yes we are starting with where the money is. Finance is a mindset and we show you now how to finance your film.

What you will learn:

  • Five Sure Fire techniques to Finance your Film
  • Which one is the best for you.
  • The Prime Directive for Short Film and Low Budget Feature Film Finance

9.40am – 11am:  The Film Equipment The Tools of the Trade

Have you ever phoned a camera store and found that you were bombarded with technical stats and information aimed at selling you irrelevant equipment.  You buy the equipment and find you are not happy with the equipment. After this session this will never happen to you again.
This session will save you thousands of dollars and clarify and show you the exact precise professional equipment you need to make your film professionally.
What you will learn:
  • What is the minimal Camera Equipment, Sound Equipment, Lights equipment, Grips Equipment you need to get your film shot professionally
  • Where do you buy the equipment and exactly how much does it cost?
  • On a tight budget, where do you rent the equipment and how much should you pay in rentals.
  • We show you an example of one of our top student films,  shot with the recommended film equipment.

Knowledge is power and this session will also save you thousands of dollars.  

11.00am – 11.20pm  Coffee Break 


11.20  – 12.20    Casting your film with the Best Actors. 

We show you how to cast your film with the very best actors in town.   Have you ever looked at a student film and found the actors performence seem stilted. One of the most important parts of film making is attracting the very best actors available to you.

What you will learn:

  • Which Actor websites should you advertise your films audition.
  • How to easily find the best actors in your city and have 50 – 100 show at your audition
  • How to run an effective Casting.We have a live demonstration of how a casting happens.
12.20  –  1.30 pm Lunch Break 

1.30pm – 2.15pm  Locations:  Saving thousands of dollars on your locations.

Finding locations can be very expensive business. With hundreds of short films produced on our film courses over the years, we have a set formulae to attract nearly all of your locations for free or for a minimal expense.
In this session we will demonstrate how to attract locations for free.
What you will learn:
  • How to find Locations for Free.
  • Our location process that guarantees the very best locations for minimal cost

2.15pm  –  3.15 pm   How to make it as a Film Director in the film world 

This is the Success Blueprint to make it in the film business and make a living. At the end of this session you will know exactly how to proceed with your film production and how to get support from the right people. You will know the direction you need to take.
What you will learn: 
  • How to make it as a Film Director:
  • Our Four month Short Film Production Plan:  To do list to produce your film. If you follow the To Do Steps, you will make your own short  film at the end of four months.
  • Want Help?  Our Four Month Film Directors School: How to apply for an interview for our Four Month Film School: Thursday Nights and Saturdays over Four Months: We only take 15 people who we believe can make it as a Film Maker. Hands on Film School that shows you how to make professional films by actually making a professional film on the course

3.40pm –  6pm   Film Directing: How to Direct a Film Scene ? We demonstrate how to shoot a scene

One of our Student Productions Suburban Terror
  • How to shoot your film
  • The Shots that compose a scene
  • How a Director prepares for a shoot in preproduction
  • How a Director prepares a shot list and a Storyboard
  • How to block Actors on a Set
  • How a shoot operates  and how the Director works the set.

6pm – 8pm  Networking Drinks at a local Hotel.


  • Networking: On Saturday evening we have an optional social event at a nearby Hotel, where you can meet the other course participants. Allow 60 – 120 minutes for the events.
  • This is an important session as many people will make friends with other people who you can collaborate on film projects.
  • Film making is all about key relationships.
Yes it is a huge amount that we cover and that is why so many previous course participants have said. 
“It was worth every single cent”.

What people say about our Film Schools:  

Above Testimonial from Jeremy Hill Emerging Film Maker 

Probir Duitt

“To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much we got through. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm’s teaching makes dreams come true.” – Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films

Above Testimonial from Bromywn Petersen Event Manager for the Sydney FIlm Festival 


“Colm’s passion for filmmaking is infectious, by around lunchtime, the feeling was “I can do this, doesn’t sound too hard.   The knowledge and skills gained from Colm, through his years of industry experience, certainly fast tracked my own journey into filmmaking, primarily now as a cinematographer for numerous productions, including webseries’, short films and features… including one recent short film, written & directed by Shailla Quadra (Shailla is also a beneficiary of Colm’s training), that has been selected for and  premiered at the New York City International Film Festival.” Jack Kelly:  Freelance Cinematographer:  Started with our Film School

Above Video  Testimonial from Ashley Bennett Film Maker  
“Awesome course. Straight after the course I produced my first feature film ‘Dealing with Destiny’.  The Film was released this year (2011) in Hoyts Cinema. This is all thanks to the Sydney Film Base Film Course.  You want the fast way to film success, take the weekend film school”   Paul Condoleon  —  Producer and Owner Dalifey Productions. 

“Colm is not just a fantastic teacher, he is a ‘doer’  and he inspires his students to start with Action right now plus  he gives you the step by step direction and tools and networks to do so….I loved it” Vaughn Clements(Film DOP)


If you are one of the following, 

        • A Passionate Beginner who would one day like to be a Hollywood A List  Director or Producer or Screenwriter
        •  Hobby Film Maker:  You would like an exciting new hobby making films on the weekend or you would like to dramatically improve your film making skills.
        • Emerging Film Maker who would like to make the jump to professional films that make money
        • Beginner who is trying to work out what they want to do in the film world and needs Direction.
        • An Actor who would like to make their very own film that they play the lead role in
        • Industry film professional Producer or Director who would like to learn about making a low budget feature film anytime and how to sell their film Online and in the Film Market.

you will love and benefit  from attending our one day film school. :Preview ChangesThe reason is that we will accelerate your film progress  and a whole world of film opportunity will open up for you that you would not have. Not only that you will meet and network with kindred likemined people who you can make films with. Not only that you will learn how to progress your film career.

The Film Director/Producer Lifestyle

The Film Makers Lifestyle has variety. You are always working on different film projects and going to interesting film festivals overseas. Here are what past students report back as what they love about their new lifestyle.

        • Getting paid to do what you love.
        • Working with creative  people
        • Travel: A Film Maker travels all over the world.
        • Working on passion projects that you love heart and soul
Find out how to make the Film World, your passionate lifestyle at the One Day Film School.

The Main Points Reminder:

Marking a Shot one of our Student Film Productions
        • Learn how to be a Star Film Director now.
        • Top Quality Film Course with Colm O’Murchu
        • You learn in one day  how to make professional films that are seen by a World Wide Audience.
        • Very inexpensive  ( $ 100)  with Money Back Guarantee.
        • Free Scriptwriting Software that normally would cost $200
        • When: Saturday 11th February 2012
        • Time 9am – 6pm  on Saturday
        • Organized by Australian Film Base based at Screen Australia Studios
        • Phone  1800 131166:   Email  business@ austraianfilmbase.com

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