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The Melbourne

Three Month Film Directors School

September – December  2011


The Main Points :

    • Spread over three months, the three Month Film School teaches you how to be a Film Director and Film Maker:
    • A hands on Practical Course where you are on a real film set shooting your film now.
    • You will be part of and direct and produce a 7 minute movie.
    • Thursday  night  every week 6.30pm – 9.30pm  and five Saturdays.
    • The Big advantage for you is that the Film School is after hours, so you can keep your day job.
    • Taught by Australia’s top Film Instructor Colm O’Murchu.
    • You receive a complete film and our Film Directors Certificate
    • Hurry, only six places left


Saturday 17th September  10am – 1pm
Thursday Night September 29th
Thursday Night October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th   6.30pm – 9.30pm
Thursday Night November 3rd
Shoot Weekend  Friday Night November 25th Saturday All Day 26th November  and Sunday All Day 27th November
Saturday December 3rd  10 am – 5pm    Edit Day  Saturday 10th December Sound Post Day 11 am – 4pm
Final Night Screening and Social  December 15th   7pm – 10pm

What will you achieve by attending and participating?


  • Be part of a film crew on a real film on real locations with actors.
  • You DIRECT for part of the shoot and get to do all of the other crew positions on a rotating basis.Slating a Shot on our Day in the LIfe Movie


  • A course book that summarises what it takes to make a film anytime you want to make one after the course.
  • Certificate on the final Sunday night of the course.
  • DVD of the completed Film


    • How to develop your film story and format it.
    • How to cast your film with the best available actors in your city
    • How to produce and organise your film and shoot with small Budgets
    • How to operate the camera
    • How to get location sound
    • How to do three point lighting
    • Know how a film is edited
    • Which film festivals to enter
    • How to go after film work in the film industry
    • How to develop your film career as a full-time money earner, or
    • How to become an A -List film director or screenwriter
Pegah Ghaemi
Pegah Ghaemi

“One year ago I started with the Australian Film Base Three Month. Film School I had no idea how to make my first film. In that time I have produced written and directed and acted in my own 15 minute film . I have crewed on numerous other films and today I am launching my own Production Company. This all happened as a direct result of the Australian Film Base Film School”-Pegah Ghaemi.

Where Venue: Trinity College University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC



Who should attend?

  • Beginners who wants an exciting career.
  • Film Enthusiasts who want to learn about Film
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Emerging Film Makers
  • Actors who want to produce their own Films
  • Short Film Maker who want to now make Feature Films
  • Film Industry professionals who want to make their own Films
  • Writers who want to produce their own Feature Film



Achieve the following in Three Months.

  • Steadycam on a Sydney Film Base production
    Steadycam on a Sydney Film Base production

    Australian Film Base certificate in film directing.

  • How to find the best actors that will act in your film and for nothing.This improves the quality of your film production dramatically
  • How to make your film happen with ease.I will show you a method that organizes the film effortlessly.
  • Save thousands of dollars on your film production. All the ways to cut your cash budget for your film to the absolute minimum. These secrets will save you thousands of dollars. This part of the course pays itself back 10 times over.
  • Have the best value and quality camera equipment for your shoot. We show you the camera lights and sound equipment that you need to make your film look professional and slick and where to get it. We bring in all of my professional camera equipment to show you.
  • We use profesional equipment on the practical exercises and on the film shoot during the course. This is included in the course investment.
  • Operate a professional camera like a pro.Learn all about focus lenses and F-stops exposure on our professional HD pro camera.
  • Make your film sound professional. Get crisp present location sound with our sound equipment. I show you all the tricks for getting location sound. You will never be embarrassed by your sound quality on your film. We use professional microphones.
  • Why does some American TV Shows like 24 and CSI look so pretty.Learn how to light your film and make it look awesome and professional for next to nothing in your lighting setup.
  • Make new friends and creative connections.We are not one of those courses where nobody interacts and it is impossible to get to know anyone. We have regular social events that enrich your social and creative life. This is purely voluntary. Also you get to know every one on our practical parts of the course.
  • You will actually work on a film set on location.Hey it would not be a film course if we did not make a film.
  • A tight slick edit makes a film come alive. See before your own eyes the edit of the short film as it is made. We use Final Cut Pro Studio.
  • Sound Post and how it lifts the Film to another level. Top Notch Channel 9 Sound Designer John Hresc takes this session.
  • A VOD high quality copy of the film that you worked on.

Course Content & Schedule

Steadicam, boom, and sound mixer on a Sydney Film Base production Suburban Terror
Steadicam, boom, and sound mixer on our Australian Film Base one week directors production Suburban Terror

Saturday September 17th 2011
10am – 1pm

9.30 am – 10am Registration

10 am – 1 pm – The Screenplay

  • Introductions and Course Overview
  • How to format a script
  • How to structure a story
  • How to spice up a scene

Thursday Night  September  29th 6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Story Ideas Brainstorm and Generation
  • Three Dimensional Character Creation
  • Plot the story
  • We demonstrate how to write a short film using the Impro Technique

RESULT By 9.30pm we will have developed an eight minute short film story.

Voluntary Homework: Write the first draft script of the story.Over the years we have found the results of the above techniques have produced a strong short film story for emerging or beginner film makers.

  • After Course Drinks Social at a local Hotel (Allow $5 for a drink)

Thursday Night October 6th  6.30pm – 9.30pm

Static camera shot on a Sydney Film Base production Car Trouble
Static camera shot on our Australian Film Base production Car Trouble “Producing the Film” Script Meeting


  • How to negotiate locations
  • How to find locations for free or for a micro budget

We will shoot the one-week course short film in actual locations in Sydney

Crew: The 10 Person Crew. Over the two day shoot you will revolve through all 10 roles. We define the ten roles from Director to Production Runner. Also we show you how to find your crew for after course projects

  • Equipment: We have a tour of the
  • Camera,
  • Lights,
  • Sound,

We get everybody to act out the roles with the equipment.
All Film Equipment is supplied by Sydney

Thursday October 13th    6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Production Meeting / Script Development
  • Casting Night.
  • We have a real live Casting with real actors fighting for the roles
  • We film the casting
  • After Course Social at local Hotel
Shooting with the Red Camera on one of our Film Productions
Shooting with the Red Camera on one of our Film Productions

Thursday Night October 20th 6.30pm – 9.30pm

The Acting Session

  • Principals of great acting
  • Being in the moment
  • What to look out for as a director.
  • We have a live Actors Rehearsal tonight with the actual successful actors.

Module Two “Technical Aspects of Film Making” Film School Instructor Chris Hobart

Thursday Night October 27th   6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • How to operate a camera
  • How to frame a shot
  • How to get great exposure

Thursday Night November 3rd 6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • How to light a film set
  • How to get great location sound
  • How to do a shot list
  • What a storyboard is

Production Meeting and Course Social after at local Hotel

Friday Night November 25th 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Final Shoot Preparations

  • Production issues are addressed for the Shoot
  • All Final Production issues are addressed.
  • Reccie of the location
  • All Final Plans made
  • Call Sheets issued

Saturday November 26th  8am – 6pm The Shoot. Day One ( This is the Real Deal)

Marking a shot on a Sydney Film Base course production Suburban Terror
Marking a shot on a Australian Film Base course production Suburban Terror

9.00am-6pm – The Film Shoot – Location 1 Today you will work as a crew member on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the two shooting days A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.

The practical CREW

roles that you will do:

Director Director of Photography Camera Assistant Gaffer Clapper Boom Sound Recordist Continuity Producer Runner Production Assistant.

7.30 – 10pm – Fun Social Drinks – Voluntary.

Sunday November 27th  8am – 6pm

Shoot Day Two ( This is the Real Deal Again)

9.00am-6pm – The Film Shoot on Location

Today you will work as a crew member on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the two shooting days A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.

The practical CREW

roles that you will do:

Director Director of Photography Camera Assistant Gaffer Clapper Boom Sound Recordist Continuity Producer Runner Production Assistant.

Saturday  December 3rd   10 am – 5 pm

Edit Session

  • View Saturdays Material
  • We edit the first days work
  • Colouring the film
  • Titles

Saturday December 10th  11 am – 4pm

Sound Post Session with John Hresc  Sound Designer

  • How to clean up dialogue
  • Using ADR to replace location dialogue
  • Music
  • Sound Effects

Thursday December 15th  6.30pm – 9pm The Final Night

  • How to get work in the Film Business
  • Film Festivals.
  • Plans for Productions for Tropfest Film Festival. PitchesBeautiful Locations help make a great scene Sydney University
  • Certificates.
  • Screening of the Finished Film
  • Social at Local Hotel ( Allow $10)

Probir Duitt

“To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much we got through. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm’s teaching makes dreams come true.” – Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films

Professional Equipment That you will operate and use during the shoot

JVC HD Pro 720p Camera Fujin Lens with Converter Wide Angle Manfrotto Tripod Seinheiser Microphone ME66 Rycote Mount Windshield Boom Pole Radio Microphone Le pele Mic Tracks 4 meters 4 x 850 Watt Red Head Lamps Gels and Spun 3 x Reflectors Clapperboard

Post-Production Equipment

MacBook Pro Final Cut Pro Studio External Drive DV Deck & Recorder

This course is for you, if you are:

  • Beginner who wants an exciting career
  • Actors who want to know how films are made
  • Short film maker who wants to make better films
  • Film industry professionals who want to make their own film
  • Writers who want to produce their own films
  • Film enthusiasts/ hobbyists who want to learn about film

Raving Reviews And Unsolicited Testimonials From Dozens Of People All Over The Country…

Gym Scene Day in the Life Movie
Gym Scene 76 Shot 644 Take 1 Day in the Life Shoot

“Colm’s passion for filmmaking is infectious. The feeling was “I can do this, doesn’t sound too hard.   The knowledge and skills gained from Colm, through his years of industry experience, certainly fast tracked my own journey into filmmaking, primarily now as a cinematographer for numerous productions, including webseries’, short films and features… including one recent short film, written & directed by Shailla Quadra (Shailla is also a beneficiary of Colm’s training), that has been selected for and will premiere at this year’s 2011 New York City International Film Festival.”

Jack Kelly:  Freelance Cinematographer


“If someone wants to learn film making, seriously this is for you. It covers mostly everything and I’m amazed how much I have learnt in seven days. Colm is a legend and he is full of energy.” – Luke Carroll

” I’ve completed so many different courses and this is simply the best. Most inspirational and informative ” – Helena George

Viki Williams video Testimonial for one of our Film Schools

” I am now so motivated and have the means and the passion to make my own films.” – Fiona Morrison

” A fantastic informative thoroughly enjoyable course for anyone wanting to make their film look like a million bucks ” – Michael Walker

” I’ve learnt so much in a week. Never thought I could learn how to film a short in just 7 days. Really enjoyed it. ” – Remmy Woods

” I would recommend to everyone who likes to make a career out of filmmaking. The teacher’s teaching was excellent” – Pratheep Ramachandran

” Amazing experience of a film set, pre-production and eidting. You are involved all the time ” – Africa Asencio

“Do this course. I am now on the way to my dream career. I have to say it was a week that changed my life. So much fun , I made some friends with similar interest in making films and now we are producing our own ambitious films.” – John Schepp

” I had absolutely no idea of the process of film-making and Colm and Sydney Film Base not only made me feel very welcome but also have inspired me to believe I can pursue film making further. A brilliant course.” – Michelle Papast

” Was a great course! Loved it to bits. I learnt so much more than you could from a textbook or lecturer, and met a lot of great people. Colm did an excellent job teaching. Inspired me to continue film-making. ” – Leonard Smith

Exceeded my expectations tenfold – Adrian Muscat

Abolutley fantastic, do it, get into it and you will love it and get heaps out of it. – Lucas Wittingslow

A Wonderful Opportunity This marvelous course has redefined my direction and fast-tracked my dreams of writing and directing – Hounour Leigh

The Film Director/Producer Lifestyle

What I love about the Film Makers Lifestyle is the variety. You are always working on different film projects and going to interesting film festivals overseas. Travel is a great benefit. I have just arrived back from Cannes Film Festival France and Ireland. I stopped off to see friends in Dubai. In November I am off to the American Film Market in Santa Monica LA USA ( all expenses paid by Day in the Life $1 million production I worked on16) I will have two movies on sale. I will then go to Nashville Tennessee to meet the subject of my next film. He is a young man who was framed for a crime he did not comitt and was locked up in a Peruvian jail for three years. His innocence was proved in the end, It will be a big budget film and will be shot in Miami and South America. . The point is even as a short film maker you will travel. Get used to Airports. I see the benefits of a Film Directors Producers lifestyleBe on the set

  • Getting paid to do what you love.
  • Working with so many different types of people
  • Travel A Film Maker travels all over the world.
  • Working on passion projects that you love heart and soul
  • Meeting fascinating interesting people all over the world

The point is that for you to get to this lifestyle. you need to make films now. I believe that short films are only a training ground and you need to get to a feature film as soon as possible. When you can make a really cool 10 – 15 minute short film, then move to low budget feature films that you can make on the weekends and put your heart and soul into it. Then enter film festivals and sell sell sell. I guarantee that this is the quickest way to the above lifestyle. Years of Film School can be good but it can slow you down. The best film shcool is “Get out there and make mistakes and make films NOW.” Thats why you need the three month film school to get you off to an incrediable start. It will be all the nuts and bolts on how to make you journey making films happen now.

But Hurry.  Once the Course is Full, we do not take any further bookings.

We are also throwing in a Bonus:


Rehearsing a scene on The Makeover Movie
Rehearsing a scene on The Makeover Movie

A Free consultation worth $190. This one on one consultation will help you plan your film project or film career. If you would like to benefit from this bonus, please request the Consultation on or before the first night of the course. VALUE $190


  • Be part of a film crew on a real film on real locations with actors.
  • You DIRECT for part of the shoot and get to do all of the other crew positions on a rotating basis.
  • You get to make and be part of a film production
  • You get a high resolution VOD  copy of the film and our Certificate.

How much is the Film Directors Course?

This is the only time we will do the Three Month Film School this year and we only take 14 people

 (2 places left)

Our Film Directors Course is only…. $2295


Save $300


Pay only $895  when you Book

And the  Balance $1100 on first day of the course

or if you call , you can arrange a payment plan 

Total Cost $1995   ( $300 Saving)


Hurry, we only take 14 Bookings and once we are full we stop taking any further Bookings

So please do not miss out: Because

  • Your film Career will take off and you can keep your day job
  • You get your Film Directors School Certificate
  • Your Social life will take off as you now will get the insiders scoop on film industry events.
  • After the three months you will have the opportunity to get involved with further course participant films and other productions.
  • Your year will now have an excitement and fun and change for the better.

When you Book today you will get Two Gifts right Now

GIFT  ONE We will send you the Online Film School so you can start to study now online before the Three Month Film School starts. No Hanging around, you start the Online Film School in the next day


  • You Start Now.Download immediately
  • 18 MP3 Track Film Seminar that will inspire and inform you on how to make your film now.
  • A 200 page Production Bible that charts out the Production process step by step to make your film happen.
  • Video Clips from our movies that show you how to make your films.
  • Video Tutorials in editing and scripting
  • Great for Beginners or Advanced Film Students.
  • The On Line Film School will give you the nuts and bolts process so that you can make your own short or feature film, TV pilot or documentary now.
  • This Online Film School is an absolute must for any film maker who wants to make it in the Movie Business.


BOOK Today  and we will also give you a Film Preproduction Software that normally would cost $300
We will email you a download link for FREE in your Welcome Confirmation Email.

You can use this software for

  • Writing scripts and formating them properly.
    Continuity Person taking notes on Australian Film Base Production 2010
    Continuity Person taking notes on Australian Film Base Production 2010Storyboard scenes and sequences,
  • Sketch setups,
  • Develop characters
  • Schedule productions
  • Prepare and circulate informative reports for cast and crew.
  • Our gift to you if you book right away


There are FOUR different methods to make THE FILM SHOOL INVESTMENT

  1. PHONE 1800131166 TO BOOK YOUR PLACE (Credit Card or more Information about the course)
  2. BANK TRANSFER via internet or in Bank Account = Sydney (Australian) Film Base BSB 062238 Account Number 1008 0039
  3. PAY BY CHECK OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER Checks should be made out to Sydney Film Base.Post to Australian Film Base PO BOX 287 Lindfield



If you have any questions please call

1800 13 11 66 (free call)

(9am – 5.30pm AEST)



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