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Colm O'Murchu

Colm O’Murchu

Today, I have placed two short films on the blog. They belong to the 4 Month Film School in Sydney and Melbourne.

On Saturday, June 1st, I will be Film Instructor on my last Sydney 4 Month Film School. The 4 Month Film School will continue with our new exceptionally gifted Film Instructor, Allan Brady.

I worked out recently that I have been Film Instructor on 171 Student Short Films that include the following film schools.

  • One Week Film School
  • Four Month Film School
  • Advanced Film School (where so many quality Films were made.)

It has been fun over the years.

Please have a look at the Melbourne 4 Month Film School – May 2013 – 11 minutes –  Made by Film Students

Allan Brady, our new teacher will be taking over the teaching position  and will now be the main Film Instructor on our 4 Month Film School in Sydney.

We first started our Film Courses in 1997 and in 2004 moved to the current Hands On Practical based film courses we present today. In the last decade we have trained numerous film makers who are now full time making their living from their own feature films and documentaries or are working in the film industry as film crew.  It is always a pleasure to meet some of my ex film students who are doing so well today.

Over the last decade,  I have managed to make two of my own feature films, The Elixir  and  The Makeover. I was also hired to direct  a third feature film “Dealing with Destiny” a $1 million budgeted Australian Feature Film. I have also worked professionally as DOP on numerous high quality films over the years.

Location Hunt Outback Photo

Location Hunt Outback Photo

I will now focus on my Indie Film Blog http://colmomurchu.com/ and my next Feature Film project,  Absolute Freedom.

Later this year I will once again be on set directing my fourth feature film budgeted close to a million dollars. The Film is called “Absolute Freedom” and will be shot in Los Angeles and the Australian Outback. This will be my main focus for the next year and I believe this film will be an exceptional high quality feature film. I am certain that will this film will be  seen by tens of millions of people around the world.

Location Hunt Outback

Location Hunt Outback

I will be blogging about our progress on this film production over the next year and it should be a fascinating journey. I love independent film making and I see the present as a very exciting time to be involved in independent film making. I believe that you will enjoy the story of making “Absolute Freedom” as I tell it over the next years.

Please have a look at the Four Month Film School films made by the recent Sydney Four Month Film School called   “Deceit” The 4 Month Film School Films  are made by virtually all beginners or highly inexperienced film makers and considering this, they turn out to be commendable films.

If you want to learn professional film making, we have our 4 Month Film Schools starting in Melbourne next week on June 4th and in Sydney on June 29th.

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