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This will become an awesome page for any film maker or emerging film maker who wants exciting cutting edge information.   If you would like regular  updates, please sign up for the Free E Course in the side bar next to this video and I will let you know when I add another hot video to this page. Colm O’Murchu Director – International Film Base   Number 5 in the Peter Jackson Video Blog series. This is a fascinating look at the shooting of a mega big budget film. The Hobbit Crew are on the road and the logistics of moving around New Zealand are exceptionally challenging. This is a must Watch

  The Making of the Hobbit (6)  – Peter Jackson  

Ridley Scott.  Director of so many great films “Blade Runner”, “Gladiator” and “Thelma and Louise”

This is Part 2 of his Interview Part 1 below Added on 25th July 2011 camera black red background banner     Peter Jackson talking about The Making of the Hobbit You have to see this. It really shows you what it is like to work on a massive budget film production. Added on July 21st 2011 Peter Jackson talking about The Making of the Hobbit Part 2   ( Very entertaining )   Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez talking about making films into days market Ed Burns talking about making and selling his micro budget feature film “Nice Guy Johnny This is so inspiring. When you watch this video, it makes you want to run out and make a film for an audience now. camera black red background banner

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