I am very excited about this Saturday.

Yes it is only a few  days now and we will have the creme of  the Australian Film Business at our Saturday A Lister’s Seminar.

So what am I looking forward to:

Eye of the Storm Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis

I am looking forward to hearing about  the making of  “The Eye of the Storm”.  Greg Reid bought the rights to the book ten years ago and stuck with the project till he raised the $10 million budget to make the film. Directed by Fred Scheppsi and starring  Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis and Charlotte Rampling. The Film had one of the highest per screen averages of any Australian Film last year and did extremely well amongst it’s niche audience. I am looking forward to hearing the details of how the film was financed and what it takes to be successful at financing  making a Period Australian Film

Red Dog Director Kriv Stenders ($23 million Box Office Australia)

I am also looking forward to hearing all about Red Dog and Kriv Stenders journey in making the film so successful. How did he get involved with Red Dog and what it is like as a director to have a $23 million gross for your film. That means every woman man and child on average in Australia  spent $1 on seeing the film in the cinemas in Australia. That has to measure up as a massive success and the biggest Australian Box Office success for a 100% Australian Film.

I am also looking forward to hearing about  the success of the Tunnel. How did Enzo Tedashi make an internet viral success with “The Tunnel” and what they have recently done. The Tunnel is a low budget film produced on a micro budget of $35,000 on a crowdfunding site.  When the film was released, it quickly went viral wrapping up  1.15 million views around the world. The Producers also simultaneously sold the film as a hard copy on their site. The film had very strong public recognition and relied on Internet viral buzz as it’s main marketing tool. Learn about the brave new world of viral marketing at this very interesting session.

I am also looking forward to the Saturday Night Party.  We will also have two short Film Premiers with the amazing Film by Matt Smith Repressed screening on Saturday Night.

I will look forward to networking with the very best in the Australian FIlm Business. If you are interested in joining me on this Saturday 26th May, please have a look on. Its not too late to book and at $165 for all of Saturday and the after Party , you will be able to meet the very best in the film business.








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