Indie Film Making Passion Blog launched on Monday August 5th 2013

ColmO’Murchu.Com  launches as an official blog today,Monday, August 5th.  Colm Sing

For some years, I have regularly written to people interested in my film courses and I have found that I have enjoyed the process immensely. Finally, I am expanding and creating a blog for the indie film world.

The Blog is about Indie Film Making Passion. Please feel free to take a preliminary preview. The blog content will be updated once per week over the future.

The content I intend to cover will include the following:

  • Case Study: the Making of our $710,000 feature film, “Absolute Freedom”
  • Indie Film Making Advice
  • Film Raves – My favourite Movies of 2013 and beyond
  • Podcasts with other film makers and film experts (Yet to be started)

Yes, it will be a great place to visit once per week. Of course, as you are on our mailing list you will be the first to receive our weekly content.

Please feel free to pass on the details to your friends and network as this will be a great source of information and content for the Indie Film Maker and the film enthusiast. I will also be very happy to make the site interactive with your comments on the bottom of each entry. Please feel free to comment.

Here are the details of the Blog Breakdown.

1 Indie Film Making Advice
This will be advice for the Indie Film Maker. Whether you are a short film maker or a feature film maker or a film enthusiast, this blog will clarify the indie film making process and the sales process.

2 “Absolute Freedom” Case Study
This will be a blow by blow account of my experience of making “Absolute Freedom.” This is our new $710,000 feature film for the world market. The film will be shot in the USA and the Australian outback. This will be a film worth following. This part of the blog will be excellent for the future film maker who wants to make feature films that sell. Also for fans of the film or the film making process, this case study will be a wonderful education in the film making process. You can find out more about “Absolute Freedom” on both theses pages. 

3 Film Raves – my favourite films of 2013 
This section will be updated when ever I see in the cinema an awesome new film. I will not update films I do not like or I think are average or only luke warm fare.

I will need to score the movie at 8 out of 10 or more. Of course there is subjectivity in every choice of film. However, I believe that you will be guaranteed to love about 80% of what I love. Please have a look at some of the films I have liked in the last few months.

4 Podcasts  (starting soon)
The podcasts will be great to listen to while you are doing some activity such as the gym, exercise or  driving. The podcasts will consist of interviews  with successful film makers or a podcasts directly from me about the film making process.

I look forward to your comments and feedback on the content on this blog and I hope I can inform you about the process, challenges and best practices of Indie Film Making over time.

Colm O’Murchu

Director International Film Base

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