Morning Glory Review

Its taken me till January 21st for me to see my first film of the year. For someone who researches and loves to see movies,  that is a huge amount of time without seeing a movie on the big screen. Due to trips to the Snowy Mountains in NSW and to New Zealand, I have not been near a cinema since late December.

Morning Glory is the first film I have seen in 2011 and I have to say that I enjoyed this film. The writing is sharp and very funny. The Film is written by Aline Brosh Mckenna who wrote The Devil Wears Prada.. However it is not at the same level of quality.
The new Producer, Becky (Rachael McAdams), arrives in a chaotic breakfast TV show.  Her job is to rescue the show and increase its ratings and she achieves this by dumbing down the show. Harrsion Ford plays a grumpy has been news reader Mike Pomeroy who believes that the sun shines out of his own ass.

He is recruited to this show and does the bare minimum  to pick up his check.  He clashes with his co anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) and their mutual dislike spills over into the morning show live broadcast with hilarious results.

One of the major problems with this film is that the story is very predictable as the grumpy Mike Pomeroy   is won over slowly by the energetic young producer Becky. However, this is made up for the wonderful sharp dialogue that flips off the tongues of the actors. You have to admire the script writing.

This film is light , some might say fluffy but ulitmately very entertaining. If you want to have a very light escapist 107 minutes this film definitley delivers the goods.

My scores

Dialogue                  9 out of 10
Story                        5 out of 10
Characters                8 out of 10
Film Making Craft   9 out of 10

Overall Score           7 out of 10

As always there are certain criteria that I have for  watching movies.
  • I only see films that I really want to see or that I want to take a chance on.
  • I do this by researching on Rotten Tomatoes and other well know sites that helps pick the Top 70 movies of the year.
  • I only count current films showing theatrically in the cinema
  • I see about one a week usually on opening night or on Friday. Last year I saw  65 movies in the cinema theatrically.

Colm O’Murchu is the owner of International Film Base in Sydney Australia. He is currently written directed and produced The Makeover Feature Film. The Film screened at the recent Cannes Independent Film Festival in France. For more about Colm O’Murchu,

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