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The Main Points:


  • An On Line Film School that shows you how to become a Film Director/Producer. You can complete the course over a longer time if you so wish.
  • You Start Now. Download immediately
  • 18 MP3 Track Film Seminar that will inspire and inform you on how to make your film now.
  • A 200 page Production Bible that charts out the Production process step by step to make your film happen.
  • Video Clips from our movies that show you how to make your films.
  • Video Tutorials in editing and scripting
  • Scriptwriting software that normally costs $300. This will format your scripts for studio standards. Yours for Free with the On Line Film School
  • This course will show you how to make  your own short or feature film, TV pilot or documentary.
  • We give a 100% money back guarantee on our On Line Film School
  • Great for Beginners or Advanced Film Students.
  • The On Line Film School will give you the nuts and bolts process so that you can make your own short or feature film, TV pilot or documentary now.
  • This course is an absolute must for any film maker who wants to make it in the Movie Business.

The Film Director/Producer Lifestyle

Colm O'Murchu directing "A Day in the LIfe" feature film
Colm O’Murchu directing Dealing with Destiny International Film Base Feature Film


My name is Colm O’Murchu and I am the owner of International Film Base. We created International Film Base in 1997 and since then we have been involved with hundreds of films either via our film school or professionally for the cinema and TV.

The Film Makers Lifestyle has variety. You are always working on different film projects and going to interesting film festivals and locations overseas. When you are a Film Producer and/or Director, expect the following

  • Getting paid to do what you love.
  • Travel: A Film Maker travels all over the world.
  • Working on passion projects that you love heart and soul
  • Meeting fascinating interesting people all over the world

The point is that for you to get to this lifestyle, you need to start to make films now. There is a formula to making it big in films and it goes like this.

  • Make a really cool 7 – 15 minute award winning short film
  • After which you can produce a low budget feature films that you make on the weekends
  • Put your heart and soul into it.
  • Once your first feature film is complete, enter film festivals
  • And sell sell sell.

I guarantee that this is the quickest way to the above lifestyle.


That’s why you need the Online Film School to get you off to an incredible start. The Online Film School  will be all the nuts and bolts on how to make your films happen now.

In the last few years,  I have completed two feature films called THE MAKEOVERand DEALING WITH DESTINY. The Makeover won Best Film at the New York City Film Festival and screened at Cannes in 2010. I wrote, directed and produced THE MAKEOVER over an 18 month period. “The Makeover” is a one hour thirty five minutes feature film and Yes…  thats right a full on feature film  on next to nothing budget. $35k to shoot the film and $35 K to Post produce.  If you are aware of Film Budgets, you will know that the film was made for nothing. I have all ready doubled my money in sales in Australia and Europe. I still have the rest of the world to sell and that’s more money from all around the world.

We made The Makeover using  the principals that I teach in this ONLINE Film School

  • We made the film on very little money. One could call it a Zero Budget Film 35K to shoot and $35 K to post produce.
  • We shot the film on weekends
  • We used TV actors who cleared time to work on our film on weekends
  • Every cast and crew member was a shareholder in the film.

Here is the trailer for the  feature film “THE MAKEOVER.”

As a result of my previous work on The Makeover and as a Film DOP and Editor and Director, I was hired by Dalifey Films to direct A DAY IN THE LIFE, a $1 million dollar film production. We shot on the awesome Red Camera. We shot over six weeks and postproduction has just now been completed .

Day in the LIfe
Day in the LIfe

Why do I tell you all this? Because it is much better for you to learn off an active “Film Maker” than an “Academic” Film Teacher or a “Non Active” retired Film Maker teacher. It is rare to learn of an active Film Maker. But if I am honest with you, I love teaching and I am very passionate about showing you how to make films.

If you are a beginner or you all ready have made some films, I can be your personal mentor on the Online Film School and

  • I will show you how to be a Film Director/Producer.
  • I will help you make your film happen now and without spending vast sums of money on expensive film schools.
  • I will show you all the tricks to save money and make your film on a extreme low budget.
  • I will show your the shortcuts to being a Film Maker NOW.

The Online Film School will show you how to make your film happen now.

Imagine that you are a film maker making the films that you want to make and that as a result of your films you are now being hired and paid to direct a film. Take the first step now to make this dream a reality.

This On Line film school and the Production Bible is revolutionary. Take the first step and book on to this transformational course. This will be a turning point in your film making career. I guarantee it. If you are a beginner or an experienced film maker, my film school will transform the way you think and how you make films. In fact, I am using my own Online Film School as my template when I make my next feature film IN THE NOW later this year.



  • How to make  amazing professional looking films for next to nothing.
  • The Six ways to Finance your film including the amazing new sites that help you raise the money.
  • Script: the new way of making your script happen fast. The IDEA generation process. The quick way to write a story. YOUR 5 – 100 page script and how easy it will be to write it.
  • How to format your script professionally.
  • How to use the Free Script Writing Software we supply on the Online Film School
  • The film equipment needed to make your film happen. We give you the absolute truth on the equipment that will make your film look awesome: camera lights and sound equipment, grips. How much does the equipment cost? To buy or to rent?
  • My Top Three low budget Cameras. These are the cameras to use in 2011
  • Casting – how to find the best possible cast and how to run a casting process.YOU MUST SCORE THE BEST POSSIBLE ACTORS FOR YOUR FILM. I show you how it is done with actual actors doing a casting.
  • Crew: keep the crew lean, mean and keen. After years of shooting low budget films, I will itemise the vital crew. You must find the best possible crew who can work with the HD medium and keep the crew to a minimum. (Big Crews when you make it)
  • How to produce and organise your film and shoot with small micro Budgets. Preproduction: THE A- Z of Organizing your Shoot.
  • How to find your locations for Zero or very low nominal fees. Locations should not cost money. There is a way of getting them for very little money or Zero.
  • The Shoot 3 – 4 Screen minutes Per Day. The shooting Process How to run a smooth shooting day?
  • The shots How to cover a scene in a film photographically
  • Directing Actors on Set. How to do it
  • Directing Crew on Set  How to do it.
  • Post ProductionYou must buy your own Post-Production or involve someone who owns their own Post-Production. We will demonstrate Final Cut Studio( Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro.)
  • How to become an A -List film director or screenwriter or producer
Colm O'Murchu directing a Steadicam shot
Colm O’Murchu directing a Steadicam shot
  • Action Plan .. you will have the clear steps to take each week to make your film a reality. A detailed weekly Action Plan on the timing of what you have to do to complete your film
  • The revolutionary investment structure for your film and how you make it happen NOW. This is really exciting because I show you how to green light your own film NOW
  • Which film festivals to enter.The right film festival strategy will move you faster to making movies. Essential. One can waste time entering the wrong festivals. The 12 Must Enter Film Festivals.
  • You will make your film on Weekends now without giving up your day job.
  • A blow-by-blow marketing plan to get the best possible Sales Agent and distributor for your film.
  • How to maximise your profits on your film. It is still a product that needs to be sold for the highest price and reach your audience

Listen to  former students:

“One year ago I started the Online Film School. I had no idea how to make my first film. In that time I have produced written and directed and acted in my own 15 minute film . I have crewed on numerous other films and today I am launching my own Production Company. This all happened as a direct result of the Online Film School” -Pegah Ghaemi.

“ I’ve completed so many different different courses and this is simply the best. Most inspirational and informative” -Helena George “This is an absolute must for anyone interested in the film world. Wow I absolutely loved this course. Peter Collins

“ I am now so motivated and have the means and the passion to make my own films.” -Fiona Morrison

“A fantastic informative thoroughly enjoyable course for anyone wanting to make their film look like a million bucks” -Michael Walker

“To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much this course cover. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement . The Online Film School can make dreams come true.” – Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films

“If someone wants to learn film making, seriously this is for you. It covers mostly everything and I’m amazed how much I have learnt. The Online Film School is legendary.”– Remmy Woods

452- Crew stills

” I would recommend to everyone who likes to make a career out of filmmaking.” – Pratheep Ramachandran

I had absolutely no idea of the process of film-making and Colm and International Film Base have inspired me to believe I can pursue film making further. A brilliant course.” – Michelle Papast

“Exceeded my expectations tenfold”– Adrian Muscat

“Abolutley fantastic, do it, get into it and you will love it and get heaps out of it.”– Lucas Wittingslow

“A Wonderful Opportunity This marvelous course has redefined my direction and fast-tracked my dreams of writing and directing”– Hounour Leigh

100% Money Back Guarantee

  • We OFFER a 100%  60 day money back guarantee on our film course.
  • This takes the risk factor out of doing the course.

From our Feature Film The Makeover

  • There is no downside for you and everything to gain.
  • You get a major jump start to making your film career happen this year .
  • Remember this ON Line Film School will save you thousands of dollars
  • accelerate your film making career whether you are a beginner or advanced
  • motivates you
  • if your are a beginner, starts you on the way to your dream career
  • Shows you how and help you become a Film Producer Director this year.
  • The On Line Film School is an absolute must for any film maker who wants to make it in the Movie Business.

How Much is The Online Film  School



Our Online Film School Price is normally $195

 SAVE $100 

Offer ends Wednesday July 31st 2013

Invest $95

when you enroll and there is no more to pay.

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