The One Day Film Course

Saturday 6th February 2016

at  The Indie Film Centre

Learn how professional Films are madeimgres

Only $50

Any Questions:  Phone 1 800 131166:  Beginners Welcome  

  • Learn how professional films are made
  • How you can create an amazing new career?
  • Venue: Indie Film Centre, Parramatta
  • Casting your film with the Best Actors in your town
  • Learn about the Film Equipment we use on the Film Shoots
  • When: Saturday, November 21st, 2015
  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 800 131166 


What you learn in one day on Saturday, 6th February: 


 The Film Equipment: The Tools of the Trade

Our 4 K Film Camera
Our 4K Film Camera

Have you ever phoned a camera store and found that you were bombarded with technical stats and information aimed at selling you irrelevant equipment. You buy the equipment and find you are not happy with the equipment. After this session this will never happen to you again. This session will clarify and show you the exact precise professional equipment you need to make your film professionally.

What you will learn:
  • What is the minimal Camera Equipment, Sound Equipment, Lights equipment, Grips Equipment you need to get your film shot professionally
  • Where do you buy the equipment and exactly how much does it cost?
  • On a tight budget, where do you rent the equipment and how much should you pay in rentals.
  • We show you an example of one of our top student films,  shot with the recommended film equipment.
  • How to get all of the above gear for next to nothing on a weekend hire.

Knowledge is power and this session will also save you thousands of dollars.

Casting your film with the Best Actors in your town72891eb61a8e80d72915d79f3ca0bc0e

We show you how to cast your film with the very best actors in town.   Have you ever looked at a student film and found the actors performance’s seem stilted. One of the most important parts of film making is attracting the very best actors available to you. What you will learn:

  • Which Actor websites should you advertise your film’s audition
  • How to easily find the best actors in your city and have 50 – 100 show up at your audition
  • How to run an effective Casting.  We have a live demonstration of how a casting happens.

Film Directing: How to Direct a Film Scene?  We demonstrate how to shoot a scenetobias-deml-red-scarlet-desert-film-shoot-kiril-andreev-behind-the-scenes

  • How to shoot your film
  • The Shots that compose a scene
  • How a Director prepares for a shoot in pre-production
  • How a Director prepares a shot list and a Storyboard
  • How to block Actors on a Set
  • How a shoot operates and how the Director works the set


 One Day Film Course Fee    $50 to attend. 

Booking Hotline:    1800 131166 

We have limited places available so book now


The Film Director/Producer Lifestyle

The Film Makers Lifestyle has variety.  You are always working on different film projects and going to interesting film festivals overseas.  Here are what past students report back as what they love about their new lifestyle :

  • Getting paid to do what you love
  • Working with creative  people
  • Travel: A Film Maker travels all over the world
  • Working on passion projects that you love heart and soul

Find out how to make the Film World; your passionate lifestyle at the “One Day Film Course”.

 If you are one of the following:

  • Curious:  You would like to learn how a film is made
  • Hobby Film Maker:  You would like an exciting new hobby making films on the weekend or you would like to dramatically improve your film making skills
  • Emerging Film Maker who would like to make the jump to professional films that make money
  • Beginner who is trying to work out what they want to do in the film world and needs Direction
  • An Actor who would like to make their very own film that they play the lead role in

You will love and benefit from attending our “One Day film Course”.

The reason is that we will accelerate your film progress and a whole world of film opportunity will open up for you that you would not have.  Not only that, you will meet and network with kindred like-minded people who you can make films with.  Not only that ,you will learn how a film is made and what you can do if you want to make the next step as a professional Film Maker.


What people say about our Film Courses:




One Day Film Course Fee:   $50 Course Fee 

Booking Hotline:    1800 131166

We have 20 places maximum  – 

Choose one of the following to Pay and Book

1 Phone to book your place and pay with Credit Card 

Or 2 Pay via Pay Pal Direct now 

3 Pay via Bank Transfer   Sydney Film Base:  BSB 062238, Account Number 1008 0039 Or 4 Fill in the Following Booking Form and we will contact you.

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