Postcard from LA and the ACT OF VALOR, a movie you must see.

Yes I am in LA. I am attending two different events over the next week. The New Media Convention and  The American Film Market.

You know you are in LA when you try to find the LA Convention Centre and you get lost.  I walked around the a street corner and right into the Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Trial. Today the jury is deliberating over the verdict. The media circus is huge and camped right outside the courthouse. There is the parade of people who support Conrad Black and the people who think he is guilty as hell.  It is quite a buzz as the verdict is only hours away.

From there, I eventually found what I was looking for , The LA Convention Centre. And then it happened.  I was blown away by an amazing film  called Act of Valor.  This is a ground breaking film and I managed to see a sneak 20 minute preview.  What I saw was incredible and ground-breaking. It is the very first big budget Authenthic Action film where everything exactly like in a war situation. Watch the Trailer.

The Film uses real Navy Seals who play themselves in a full on action film. This action film has a major difference. Its real.

The Film looks like a big Hollywood extravaganza except that the actors (Real Navy Seals) use real weapons and explosions and shoot real bullets. The film is inspired and exceptionally well shot and has generated a new genre. Authenthic Action. What this means is the good guys get killed and what happens is exactly like in a real war situation. Every last detail is cross checked and validated.  That means the way they use the weapons, the way the soldiers talk, the way they fight battles and what they think about when the  battles are over.

ACT OF VALOR will be released in the United States on February 17th 2012 on 3000 screens and when it reaches a screen near you, I highly recommend that you see it.

I asked the Director …….. a few difference questions at the end of the 20 minute screening.

Q How did they  find working with non actors.

A Well it was easy when we were shooting the action scenes as they were so well drilled in how to fight a war. But when it came to scene that had dialogue or emotion, it was a challenging and could take up to 15 takes to get a take that the director was happy with.

Q How long did it take you to make the film

A It took four years to make and in that time the director met , got engaged and married  his wife.  He also had two kids and has had two kids. How on earth did he manage that.

This is a passion film at the highest order and is made with integriity The film is financed privately giving the Director and Producers creative control.  Relativity films is distributing the film.

What an inspiring achievement. Let me know what  you think.

Due to other comittments I am presenting my last weekend film school in Sydney in early December. Please book in if you want to find out how to produce your own short or feature film or documentary. It is an amazing two days.

Also after six months of teaching the One Week Film Scool I will be passing it on to a New Teacher in 2012.

So if you would like to attend the One Week Practical Film School in the Gold Coast, please enroll soon. We only take 10 bookings and we all ready have 7 bookings. so get in fast if you want the full practical film school where we shoot and edit a film in one week using all the professional techniques needed to produce a film.

Till next week have a great one.


Colm O’Murchu

Director International Film Base

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