Production Report – August 2012

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Production Report One  –  August 2012 

I am starting a Production Report for each Month starting with August 2012. I hope that you will get a feel for what we do at Australian Film Base and how the student films progress and of course our own Feature Film Productions. 

Imagine That   4 Month Film School Post Production:  Shot in location in Warburton in July Post Production August:   Now Complete:

The Month Started out with the Final Post Production for the Melbourne 4 Month Film School Film “ Imagine That”. As always there are many days of editing involved with every film and the 8 minute “Imagine That”  was no exception. Editing took place in earnest during August with a full Day of Sound Post Production taking place with Sound Designer John Hresc in Melbourne.  Sound Post was completed at Salt Studios in East Brighton in Melbourne on Saturday August 11th. The students attended after finalising the Music for the final Mix.  The day was a success for all. You can see the completed Film on

Love Shack: 4 Month Film School:
This is a very funny film. After a very successful casting, all the actors that were cast were A Plus quality meaning that the film script could really get to a higher level.  This film will be uploaded to Youtube in early October. The film was shot in August in a few different locations. The students shot in a $ 2 Million waterfront apartment in Drumoyne and in an office complex nearby. Also, the opening scene was shot at Drumoyne Ferry, creating an awesome Sydney Harbour  backdrop and part of the film was shot in the Kings Cross Hotel creating a moody nightclub scene. The nightclub scene had 15 extras to create a realistic nightclub scene.

I am always amazed how well beginners and emerging film makers take to making their first film. All the locations are locked down with no access to the public.

The Students are currently in postproduction and editing the film with Sound Postproduction scheduled for Saturday September 15th. Sound Post takes place in Five Dock at the Sound Post Studios with John who is one of the very best Sound Designers in the business. He has worked freelance for clients such as Channel 9. Look out for Love Shack in October when we upload to Youtube. 

The the Weekend Film School Saturday and Sunday August 11th, 12th

The Weekend Film School was a great success. This was the first weekend film school since December 2011.  On two of the wettest coldest days of the Sydney Winter, 27 people attended the Weekend Film School. We had a very productive weekend learning how to produce a film production with a 4 Month Film Production Plan.  We also did a detailed session on how films are sold and bought in the international film market. Also we focused on the Online Film Marketplace which is growing exponentially and is now a wonderful opportunity for the emerging film maker. You can get the best of the Weekend Film School at our Online Film School. 

The Brisbane 4 Month Film School Started Tuesday August 14th
We had the first 3 sessions of the Brisbane 4 Month Film School. The course takes place in QPIX in Brisbane and 14 people have taken to the first part with gusto. The first 3 sessions are mainly focused on screenplay and the group have created a wonderful story with 10 scripts written for the film production. The vote will take place soon for the best script. Casting is three weeks away with preproduction about to take place in earnest next week. The shoot happens in early October.

Colm O’Murchu: International Film Base   Feature Film Production – Absolute Freedom.
International Film Base is also a Film Production Company and we are currently in development on our next feature film “Absolute Freedom”
The film is slated for Production in March 2013 and the screenplay First Draft has just been completed. 

The film will be 100 minutes long and will be shot on location in Los Angeles, Mexico, Sydney and in the outback near Alice Springs.
On Thursday Friday and Saturday August 16th – 18th, I flew to  Alice Springs and started Location hunting in the outback. (Photo reference)
I had not been to Alice Springs since I was a backpacker from Ireland some years ago!!  It certainly brought back memories of that time. What was interesting is that I felt a great sense of gratitude for making a living out of Film Making.  I stronly recommend that if you have the calling for a passion, go after a career in Film Making and make it the way you make a living. It may take time even some years to make it happen but you will have a great time in the process of establishing a career.

If film is one of those areas that you love, there is one place left on the Sydney 4 Month Film School starting on September 20th. 

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