The Final 4 Month Film Directors Course – Special Announcement

Newsletter for The Independent Film Centre September 10th 2014 

This year has been a great year with our move to the Independent Film Centre.  It has images-1been very exciting.  I would like to announce that major changes are on the way as we change what we do at Sydney Film Base and the Independent Film Centre.

The final 4 Month Film Directors Course will be taking place between October 2014  – January 2015.  We will not have any 4 Month Film Courses in 2015.  So grab the last chance to do this amazing course right now.

If you are putting it off, please book in right away with the last few places as the course will no longer be presented after this final one.  It is an amazing course and it is a wonderful opportunity to go through the process of Film Making.  See some of the films made on the course on this page.

The Final one is going to be a blast as we are making it the goal of the best ever 4 MonthStudents-on-Set- Film Course Film Production for the final course.  If this excites you, get in fast while there is still places left.

We are moving in wonderful new directions and focusing on new activities.

  1. We will have a Feature Film Production in 2015 which will take up a considerable amount of time in the new year.
  2. We are starting One-on-One Film Makers Coaching with Colm O’Murchu – about 5 Places are available.
  3. Short Speciality Courses in technical training will happen during the year.
  4. Weekend Masterclass with A List Aussie Film Makers presenting.

Please let me know which one of these is of interest to you.  The One-on-One Coaching is a great way to keep your productions and projects on time and on course.  One-on-One Coaching will mean that you can be coached in any specific area that you need advancement in, or project advise for, your film production.  Also, the coaching will make sure you keep on track and on target with your film productions.  Please email back if this of interest as we will only take 5 people at a time.

As you can see there is considerable change.  Please do not miss out on the opportunity of enrolling on the 4 MonthFilm Directors Course.

Very best regards

Colm O’Murchu

Colm O’Murchu is an active film maker and film instructor at Australian Film Base.  He is also the owner and regularly blogs about film making.


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