The most important ingredient a film maker needs when making their film.

I have always wondered why sometimes the people you expect to go out and make their films, often fail to keep to their word and make their film. They seem to have the talent and they seem to have the desire to do it. They often have been well trained. Yet, they keep procrastinating and finding excuses to delay the film making. I know some people I have expected amazing things from, who are always shooting next year. Everytime you meet them they tell you about the current roadblock, that has caused them to delay till next year.

Here are the  usual  Top 10 excuses 

  1. I decided to get married
  2. I decided to have a child.
  3. I got a promotion in my job.
  4. We are not ready yet
  5. The script is not quite right.
  6. I need a few more months to get the money.
  7. I know if we hold back till Summer we will get the hot light.
  8. The summer is too wet and I think we should hold till the El Nino effect lifts
  9. I just want to take time to have everything perfect. Maybe in six months.
  10. I want to raise $10 million and get a star.
I have heard them all and generally speaking it is procrastination. So how do you get around this problem?
Take the two Prong Approach: 
I always like to have a two prong approach myself. I believe that you should have your Go Now Film and your In Development Big Budget  Film. This will help you to get around the procrastination problem.

At International  Film Base, we like to do our One Week Film School 2- 3 times per year as they absolutely prove that a group of beginners with no experience can make a good film in one week.  We give them the one most important ingredient that ever film needs and this is why they succeed. Here is an example of one of the One Week Short Films called Pocket Change    Its not perfect but it is really good for beginners who had only one week to  create the story and cast and shoot the film. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they learnt an incredible amount in one week.

On our 4 Month Film School we also have a deadline and the film is posted and edited and shot and cast and created all in a 4 month period. There never is a delay.


All these films have the most important ingredient that so many people miss once they leave film school. Once they lose this ingredient, all of their post film efforts will fail time and time again. Of course, they will always tell me they tried really hard. However, the hard cut reality is this. A Film Maker makes films now and is always in the process of  making films every year. I invented the Hot Talent Club to keep people making films once they left our film school.
Shooting the Go-Now Film - so much fun
The Big Budget Film.  Examples are Red Dog, The Great Gatsby and The Eye of the Storm
The Film Budget  is  in the millions and can take a development gestation period of 3 – 10 years and requries patience and persistence. If you would like to learn more, please attend our A-Listers film event on Saturday May 26th where you will meet the film makers who made the above films. 


The Go-Now Film Production 
A Film that is made on what ever budget is available by an exact deadline. The budget can be anywhere from $3000 for  short film to $500,000 for a feature film. This is a Go-Now film and is generally made within 3 months – 18 months of conception. In either case, both these films require the most important  ingredient.

This Ingredient is called Absolute Conviction.
What this means is a certainty mentality and mindset that says no matter what happens, we are shooting our film. This is our Deadline and once in place, we will not stop till our film is complete and sold.

This mindset moves mountains and always will deliver what you need to make your film the best that it can be.
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