The Sydney Three Month Film School Starts January 29th

Yes it is the New Year and I believe this is always a great time to get involved in Film Making

Firstly The Makeover, a film that I wrote directed produced edited on a miniscule budget is now ready for Release into the World.
The Australian, New Zealand Release is in April 2011. The Makeover won Best Comedy Drama at the New York City Film Festival and as a result has just being picked up by a major American Film Company and will get a considerable exposure and sales in the US. Needless to say we are very pleased.
I would love to teach you how to make a film.

We are presenting our last Three Month Film School this February – April 2011. This is the last time I will be teaching the practical Three Month Film School.
My main focus after April will be my next Feature Film. After this Three Month Film School, we will only do One Week Film Schools in Sydney and Chris Hobart will be teaching this course.

So why look at the Three Month Film School.

On The Three Month Film School you can still do the school and keep your Day Job as
the course is on Tuesday Nights and some Saturdays.

We actually teach you how to make a film by actually making a real film.
We use all the Camera Lights and Sound Equipment that we used on The Makeover.
We  have a real casting, shoot on real locations and have a real edit and do Sound Post Production with a full Professional Sound Designer who works for Channel 9

Please have a look at the final Three Month Film School which starts on Saturday Morning  29th January.
You will learn how to make a film properly and join with fellow course participants to make many more films once the course has concluded.

For further details about the Three Month Film School please look at,

Here are the following Australian Film Courses scheduled for 2011

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