The Top 5 Things a Filmmaker needs to accomplish, to make their film professional and movie-like.

1. Camera and Lenses 

Your Film equipment is really important. Many people can be told which gear to buy. However, the challenge is to learn to use the film equipment. I know it is a conundrum that many people bump into when learning how to produce and direct their own films. 

Getting shallow depth of field, learning what shots to cover your scenes. All this stuff is essential to learn and to master. You either need to learn off an experienced filmmaker or learn on a really good film course.

2 The best Actors you can get: 

This is one of the places where so many people fall down. They learn to make films, they may even have the best film equipment, but they then find the worst possible actors. They miscast the film.

Even when you are starting out, you should learn to cast your film properly. You should go after the best actors and find the most appropriate for your film.  We make sure we teach new filmmakers how to find the best actors and then how to cast them effectively. We do this by having a real casting on the film course. This alone will dramatically improve your films.

Learn this process from an expert in casting or learn from on an exceptionally good film course.

3 The best Screenplay 

How do you write a really good screenplay? It is essential that you learn this process properly. Getting an effective screenplay either for a full length movie or for a short film is an essential skill.  This is an area that we always cover on the 4 Month Film Course.

4  Great Sound 

Often this is one of the most ignored areas in the filmmaking process. You need to get the very best location sound that you can. Filmmaking and creating a really good film is 50 % about the picture and 50% about the sound and music.

You only know this , when the sound is terrible. Therefore, getting great sound and vision is essential.  What gear do you need?  How do you record location sound?

All this needs to be taught to you by a professional or on a really good film course.

5 Great Postproduction

Doing an amazing edit and sound posting with great soundtrack and then colouring and grading your film effectively is essential.

This is an exceptionally tricky area. One needs to learn the processes to make this happen. It certainly takes work and commitment. Once again if you can learn how to edit your own work, this is a dramatic saving for anyone who wants to make their own movies.

Become exceptionally  in these five areas of filmmaking and you will make an exceptional film.  If you need help, please check out our film courses.

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