Absolute Freedom: Release Date September 2014  

Investment Details and amounts  at bottom of page.  This offer is open till Saturday September 30th. 


The Story Inspiration: Note from Colm O’Murchu


Absolute Freedom is the state in which absolutely nothing can restrain a person from doing anything. It is a state of being that is completely liberated from any inhibition or social restriction.

I have always loved the theme of starting a new life. This is a universal theme that every human can relate to. Every time I am in the USA, I notice so many Americans would love to escape to the Australian Outback. I believe that this is the reason that Crocodile Dundee did so well back in 1986.

Absolute Freedom is a gripping story with so many twists and turns in which our two protagonists stretch the limits of Absolute Freedom. The audience will never be able to predict where the story will go. With the Australian Outback as the vista, its beauty will permeate the story.


We shall succeed? 

This is our guarantee. We will move heaven and earth to make the film ‘Absolute IMG_2183Freedom’ a massive success both online and in the wider film market.

At International Film Base, we intend to maximize the quality and the marketing and sales potential of the film ‘Absolute Freedom.’

We will always keep our Internet rights and will only sell non-exclusive internet exploitation to third parties. We will start from the beginning to simultaneously promote the film worldwide online and produce the film via film production. This is the Hybrid Distribution model.

As always, there are no guarantees in any film investment and there is a small chance one can lose money on their investment. Still, the emerging Film Producer/Investor will have learnt to make and produce a feature film.

However, the intent and the goal already conceived and believed, will attract the maximum success for the film production, ‘Absolute Freedom.’ Our goal is to maximise the return on investment and return blue sky profits on the initial investment.

We will have an international film name actor in the film that people will recognise worldwide. We intend and visualise success for the film ‘Absolute Freedom’ as outlined below.


 Absolute Freedom – The Storyline


“In Los Angeles, Preacher Nathan Koch hits rock bottom; in the Australian Outback he is born again as an outlaw”.


One Sentence Synopsis: 

Los Angeles Christian Zealot Nathan Koch loses his wife and his life and his faith in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Faking his own death, he re-creates himself as an outlaw in the Australian Outback.



Right Wing Los Angeles Christian Zealot, Nathan Koch, loses all his wealth, his house and his wife in the Global Finance Meltdown of 2008. After faking his death and changing his ID, Nathan moves from Los Angeles to Australia with a new agenda. He meets a young zany hitchhiker, Tara Wheatley, in the Australian Outback and is totally changed from a stiff Conservative to a hippy-like existence. Angry with his former church, he recreates a totally new life. He decides to live a hedonistic lifestyle and live for the moment.  Inspired by Tara, he transforms himself into a totally reckless outlaw of the Australian Outback via an exceptionally dangerous game called Absolute Freedom. Soon Tara and Nathan are on  the run.

This is the half way point in the story. For the full story, one needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Film Production and Sales Objectives72891eb61a8e80d72915d79f3ca0bc0e

Absolute Freedom is the next very exciting project from Colm O’Murchu and International Film Base.

Our vision and objectives for ‘Absolute Freedom’ are:

• To get a Cinema Release in the USA,  Australia and Europe

• To sell Pay TV in the USA and Australia and Europe

• To get broadcast in Australia, Europe and the USA

• To win a Major Film Festival

• To go viral on our online Video Platforms and get 10 million plus views charged at $3 per stream.

• To be one of the most talked about indie films on the internet in 2014 – 15

Distribution, Recoupment Strategy, Worldwide Sales Projections: IMG_2125

Film Release

1. World Premiere Screening: 

Cannes Film Festival and Market

2. On-line Film Release 

This will be one of the biggest financial returns on the film. When the time comes to release on-line, we shall create a Release Date where it will be available on all platforms on the same day:

1. Stream charge

2. Buy the downloaded film

Platforms that pay the Producer Directly. IMG_2232

1. Our own website

2. Youtube

3. Amazon

4. Netflix

5. Quickflix

6. Hulu


Goal that we aim to achieve. IMG_2184

1. To make $3 per stream clear profit

2. $10 per sale clear profit of bought versions of the film

3. 2 million streams = $6 000 000 return

4. 1 million sales = $10 000 000 return

Goal = $16 000 000 return on on-line film festivals.


3, Name/ Film Markets: 

With a name involved in our film such as Richard Dreyfuss or Bill Murray, our Sales Agent could get about $1 000 000 to $5 000 000 in sales worldwide.

4. Film release Australia and USA for Prestige: IMG_2193

Goal = to release on 100 screens and increase and make a Box Office of $20 000 000 or more in Australia

Goal = release of film on thousands of screens and make a Box Office of $100 000 000 or more in the USA



Pre-Production: 1 November, 2013                                           10 weeks

Principal Photography: 14 Janaury, 2014 – 28th March    7 weeks

Post-Production: 1st March  2014  – August 29th                 26 weeks


Budget Breakdown P1070808

Stage 1a – Development:                          $ 52 000

Stage 1b – Pre-production:                       $ 70 000

Stage 2 – Production:                                 $338 000

Stage 3 – Post-production:                        $130 000

Stage 4 – Marketing:                                   $100 000

Contingencies:                                             $ 20 000

Total estimated cash cost of production: $710 000 P1070813

Budget already raised:  =   $330 000   

Producer Offset (20% – 40% rebate) $284 000 (Return Guaranteed by Government offset

Still to raise     $380,000  

Total Budget : $710 000 


Here are the main benefits to youIMG_2232

  1. Excitement and a great adventure
  2. The fast way in to the film world. You will be a Film Producer
  3. Potential extensive blue sky profits with film sales
  4. The best training in making films.


Investment Amount

  • Each Mega Unit is a minimum $16000.
  • You can purchase as many mega-units as are available.
  • You can purchase an investment of up to 23 Mega-units as of July 2013
  • Minimum Amount is one megaunit $16 000 with all the  benefits listed below

International Film Base will give you the following for an investment of $16 000  (8 Mega-Units) 

  1. A formal Investment and part ownership in the copyright of the finished Film

    Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival
  2. You will be credited as an Associate Producer on the Film with full IMDB Credit.
  3. You will be involved immediately in the Film Industry.
  4. You will be involved now with a High Caliber Film Project.
  5. We will seek an American recognisable named film Actor that will contribute to Film Sales all over the world.
  6. Weekly brief during the Preproduction Period.
  7. You will  see the Short List Casting videos and asked for your opinion on the Casting.
  8. You will get invited to all Social events and parties related to the Film Production.
  9. This will include the Wrap Party and the Premiere Screening Party.
  10. You will get One Week minimum On-Set as an Assoicate Producer observing the Shoot.
  11. You will get to sit in on part of the edit of the film with Colm O’Murchu.
  12. You will get to sit in with Colm O’Murchu and John Hresc in the Mixing and Sound Design of the film.
  13. You will get updated on the Marketing and Sales Process of the finished film.
  14. When the film is completed, you will then go to a specially created Producers Film Course where you will be taught by Colm O’Murchu for one week. This will cover the whole process of making a film and will fill in any gaps.
  15. Finally, when the film sells, you will be in on a share of returns till your investment is recouped.
  16. You will then receive a share of profits.
  17. The Film Production is guaranteed via the government offset of a 20 – 40 % return on the total budget. This means that before sales of the film, you will have a guaranteed recoupment on investment of 20 – 40% before sales. (Details at Meeting)


This offer is open till Saturday August 31st. 

Any Questions, please call on 1800  131166 to book a meeting with Colm O’Murchu


So I want to Invest. Tell me how to proceed

The process is easy. 

1. Please phone 1 800 131 166 or email business@internationalfilmbase.com and express your interest in investing in ‘Absolute Freedom’.

2. Please inform us that you would like to invest in principal.

3. We shall set up a meeting where you meet Colm O’Murchu and JT Schepp. Meetings can be via Skype or a Phone Meeting or in person.

4. We shall send the Investor Contract to you in advance of the meeting.

5. At the meeting we shall answer any further questions relating to the Film Investment and Producer Partnership.

6. Both parties will have 72 hours to finalize an  investment decision.

7. When the decision is made in the affirmative, both parties will then proceed to sign the contract.

8. Payment then can be made via Internet Bank Transfer or Bank Cheque within 48 hours of the contract signing.


This offer is open till Saturday August 31st. 

Please call and make an appointment with Colm O’Murchu on 1 800 131166 to discuss this opportunity or email business@internationalfilmbase.com


Production Company: 

Company: International Film Base

Address: 101 Eton Rd,

Lindfield, NSW, 2070


E-mail: business@australianfilmbase.com

Web: www.internationalfilmbase.com

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