Why I love the weather this week.

One thing I would like to talk about is the weather this week. Yes I got rained out on the weekend but that is not the reason.

I have just completed a three day shoot which now concludes the extra shooting on A Day in the Life. Every day we got  exactly the weather we needed. This never happens in Film Making. Usually you get “Murphy Law.”  In other words, the weather you do not want.

Day 1 Saturday: It rained cats and dogs, but we were shooting interiors in an Eastern Suburbs house. Who cares? There is nothing better than shooting interiors on a wet day.

Day 2 Monday: We were shooting at the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour. We needed a dull day with clouds so we could put in smoke to make it look misty.

We got exactly that.

Day 3 Tuesday: We were shooting at a Harbour Front Mansion with a swimming pool with three swimsuit models and our one of our key actors Steve (Ricardo).

I was asked by some of you why there is extra shooting days on A Day in the Life movie

The reason is that the film came in at 75 minutes of pure quality. However we need 85 minutes and so we have shot 10 more hilarious minutes for the end of the film. The film is now even better and will be finished by Easter. The main shoot was 31 days.

The second small shoot is four days. One day in January and three days in a row this week. (Feb)

And what fun scenes.

One scene is set in Northern Thailand where one of our protagonists has become a buddist monk. It does not take him long to get on the wrong side of his Master.

The other scene is where our biggest loser student Ricardo has won $20 million dollars in lotto and is now living it up with three  beautiful models. What happens? You will have to wait and see the movie.

We cast Jessica Kahawaty as the lead model. She is currently Miss Lebanon and came fifth in Miss World in Macua last year.  It is a very funny scene and beautifully shot mainly at 30 frames per second.  Have a look at our WIP Trailer  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF6nWJjjXTM&feature=player_embedded

You can also see some First Time Student films made through our courses on More from Australian Film Base.

I worked with DOP John Biggins who is one of the best DOPS. He has such an eye and together we collaborated to create some wonderful scenes. The crew were wonderful and one of my great pleasures is recruiting the most enthusiasitic talented students from our recent courses to do small crew roles and get their first major credit.

Three people who attended the November Weekend Film School and then went on to our One Week Directors Film School in January worked on the Three day shoot of Day in the Life. I know they had a wonderful time and it is very inspiring for them. They are also gearing up to make their own films and music videos and that is the sign of a wonderful film school. That is when film school participants are out there making their own films now.

Join the dream and have a look at our film courses. Details above for the film school schedule for this year.

If you book into one of our courses this weekend, I will extend the discount for the courses for the weekend. The $200 discount ended yesterday  but if you are  a fan of my blog, please take advantage of this discount and book now for the discount.

Have a great week

Colm O’Murchu



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