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About International Film Base

Colm O'Murchu - Director International Film Base

  My name is Colm O'Murchu, owner of International Film Base, our Film Production Divison.  This site will keep you informed of our Film Productions past present and future. All our Film Productions are listed on this site with trailers and the complete films are available on iTunes for TVOD or on Ozflix for SVOD. Details below   Our goal is to make entertaining and successful indie films that sell around the world.

Films made by International Film Base and Colm O'Murchu
  • Tabernacle 101 - Currently in advanced Post Production - 105 Minute Movie - Worldwide Release 2018-  Supernatural Thriller starring David Hov - Directed, Written and Produced by Colm O'Murchu For More Information, Click Here
  • Absolute Freedom - Currently in advanced development - 110 minute ActionFully Developed screenplay ready to shoot in LA USA & Outback Australia. For More Information, Click Here
  • Dealing with Destiny Feature Film -  95 Minutes - 2011 Currently available on iTunes.and OZFLIX SVOD
  • The Makeover -  Feature Film 95 minutes - 2010 DVD Release Blockbuster NZ & Australia- Pay TV Europe - Winner of Best Comedy Drama in New York - Released in USA by Breaking Glass See it on OzFlix   All ready watched 2,446,656 online  

Trailers Follow:   

  Teaser for Tabernacle 101 -Supernatural Thriller - 105 minutes.     
     Dealing with Destiny: Feature Film 90 minutes Directed by Colm O'Murchu