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Colm O’Murchu – Director IFB

About International Film Base

My name is Colm O’Murchu, owner of International Film Base, our Film Production Company.  This site will keep you informed of our Film Productions past present and future. All our Film Productions are listed on this site with trailers and full films.

Our goal is to make entertaining and successful indie films that sell around the world. Our other goal is to take you on the journey of making our film and show you how to make your own professional films.


Whether you are a beginner or an established film maker, our site and our film courses will help you achieve your film goals smartly and effectively.

Films made by International Film Base and Colm O’Murchu

Here are three of many films that I have made over the years with my production company International FilmBase.
The first two are trailers for two feature films that I have directed and the final film is a film that I was the cinematographer on.

The Makeover Trailers –  100 minutes Feature Film 

The Makeover won Best Comedy Drama at the New York Downtown Film Festival. The film was also sold to Pay TV in Europe and has come  a viral success on the net.

We shot the film on a tiny budget of  $20,000. I wrote, directed and edited this film. I even acted in one scene.  Currently the film is at near 1 million streams on You Tube.


Dealing with Destiny: Feature Film 90 minutes Starring Luke Arnold 

This is a $1 million  feature film made in Australia. I was hired as the Film Director.

Repressed Short Film : 12 minutes ( whole film )

I was the DOP on this film and I shot this amazing film on a micro budget of $2000. I ony had a crew of three and some how managed to shoot in the rainforest on tracks and using a considerable amount of Hand Held and Steadicam.